5 Apple designs we still don’t understand

When a new product category emerges in the technological field, we are usually expectant before the solution that it usually gives Manzana. Usually, those from Cupertino hit the nail on the head, with well-reasoned designs and features that many other manufacturers would never have come up with. But Apple also makes mistakes, and big ones. Today we will collect some of the fails funniest bitten apple brand. You won’t have to go far to see more than one highly questionable design.

Let’s say that the following designs do not fit so well with the ‘Design by Apple in California’ seal that has always given the brand so much prestige. What do you think?

Magic Mouse 2

It costs more than a gaming mouse with dozens of features. It has a design whose ergonomics is highly questionable. And to add insult to injury, some genius figured out that the most sensible way to charge the Magic Mouse 2 was face down, as if you had a dead cockroach on your desk. It is not going to be that you use the mouse while charging it and look like a lose wired If you use the Apple mouse because it came with the iMac, your decision has a pass. But if it broke and you went back to the Apple Store for another one, the thing is criminal.

The HomePod that sold out in confinement

homepod toilet paper

We are not going to say that Alexa gives Siri four times because we are talking about design – but come on, it is true. Throughout history, many Apple products have had their funny nickname. The ‘Mac Pro trash can’, the ‘Mac Pro cheese grater’ and ‘The HomePod toilet paper‘. In June 2017, when this first device with Siri was presented, Twitter did not hesitate to compare the white model with a dual-layer Scottex.

The MacBook Pro with Notch

macbook pro notch 2021

When the iPhone X with notch was launched, we all thought that it would be a temporary thing. At the design level, it was a crude and horrible solution. Does anyone remember that list of contacts on the iPhone in landscape mode scrolling to the rhythm of the notch? The notch is that license that Apple can take because it is Apple. We may have struck down another manufacturer if he bet so heavily on the first with such a design.

And no, the thing does not end there. The notch has not only gone less in Apple, but has also reached devices that do not need it, such as the macbook pro with the excuse of setting up a better webcam. All to generate a brand, we suppose, because the decision seemed like a joke when they presented the aforementioned laptop.

Apple Pencil 1

apple pencil 1

Image: @brendanzig_ | Twitter

Is there an Apple device that charges more pitifully than the Magic Mouse 2? Yes, the first generation Apple Pencil, which was connected to the iPad Lightning and you could threaten anyone who came near you like little Froilán with a Moorish skewer. The golden age of design at Apple.

AirPods Max Smart Case

airpods max case

We don’t know what the designer of the AirPods Max case was thinking. Would he notice or was he too ambitious and the idea was to distribute the product exclusively in Victoria’s Secret stores?

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