a bug prevents updating drivers via Windows Update

Windows Update on Windows 11 shows error messages when trying to install updates for drivers, here is what is known about this bug.

Windows 11
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Microsoft has deployed its monthly update, the famous Patch Tuesday, to systems running Windows 11 for February. But since it was made available, many users are victims of a bug in windows update. The service displays a number of drivers to update, but when you try to download and install them on your machine, an error message appears. Restarting the procedure or restarting the computer is not enough to solve the problem.

Microsoft forums abound with messages testifying to this bug, which seems to affect all types of devices and all brands. Even Surface laptops and tablets, developed by Microsoft, are subject to this problem. The error reported by Windows 11 is the 0x80070103, which is described by Microsoft as an update error. This is usually caused when you try to install a driver already installed or an older version than the one installed on your PC, says the Redmond company.

Windows 11: Windows Update is going crazy!

This is rather good news since it means that users are not prevented from benefiting from the most recent versions of their drivers via Windows Update: the latter in fact offers by mistake versions of drivers that we do not need. . If you’re affected by the bug, then just ignore it, chances are you’re already enjoying the best drivers available for your system (supported by Windows Update, anyway).

However, all these suggestions for drivers to install and the error messages that follow can disrupt the user’s experience with Windows Update. Microsoft is aware of the situation and is working on a fix. In the meantime, Intel recommends run the troubleshooter related to Windows Update in Windows 11 System Settings in an attempt to fix the bug, but success is not guaranteed.

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