Is your PC ready for Windows 11? Microsoft will tell you right in Windows 10

A future update for Windows 10 plans to inform, directly in Windows Update, the compatibility of the PC with Windows 11, the new operating system from Microsoft.

By announcing the launch date of Windows 11, set for October 5, Microsoft took the opportunity to give news of its compatibility check tool (PC Health Check). This application, launched for the first time this year, but withdrawn because it was not entirely satisfactory, allows you to know if your PC is compatible. A new version is due to arrive soon.

Information directly in the OS

But what about the one who does not want to use this tool or, more likely, who is not aware of it? The American company plans to reach these Internet users, via a future update of Windows 10. The idea? Integrate a tool equivalent to PC Health Check in the operating system of its customers to be able to tell them directly whether their workstation is compatible or not.

Our colleagues from Frandroid indicate in their edition of August 31 that this utility will be delivered with the update 21H2, the release of which is expected at the end of 2021. It is already available in a preview, via the Windows Insider program , which allows you to get your hands on working versions of the operating system. Take a screenshot to see what the verification will look like.

What the Compatibility Check Insert looks like. // Source: Frandroid

The availability of the 21H2 update for Windows 10 could arrive after the release of Windows 11 on October 5. In fact, it will allow, via the Windows Update screen (which is the page through which Microsoft customers can check the availability of updates for the system and download them if necessary) to have an idea of ​​the situation and possibly decide to start the migration.

As in the days of Windows 7 and 8, which users were allowed to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, the switch to Windows 11 will not be charged. The company said it during the official presentation of its OS and technical clues had been spotted in these preview versions of the system. However, there is no rush to migrate. After all, support for Windows 10 will continue until 2025.

Microsoft has specified the minimum technical conditions required to host Windows 11 on its computer. In the event of an incompatibility, the installation is not necessarily out of reach, but it could lead to some subsequent inconveniences: lack of updates, instability or slowdown. Microsoft has certainly already revised its criteria, but it is not said that it will relax them further.

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