5 ways to automate the entrance of your house taking advantage of home automation

Automate the front door

With the entrance door we do not refer only to the door itself, but to the entrance to the house. You may want to use home automation in this place and thus gain comfort, have greater control and security in a simple way.

smart lock

A clear example of how you can use home automation to automate the front door is to use a smart lock. They are very useful, as they provide comfort and also safety. Basically it means that you will be able to enter without using a conventional physical key. To do this, you can use your fingerprint or your mobile to access.

These locks you can even remote control. For example, if someone knocks on the door, you could use your mobile to open it without having to go there. They are secure, as they use strong encryption to prevent digital keys from being copied. Also, if the power goes out there is no problem since they have batteries.

open door sensor

Yet another way is to install a sensor so that it alerts if the door is open. It is a very simple device that you stick on the door and put another one, a magnet, on the frame. They will be separated only a few millimeters. In the event that the door is opened, it will issue an alert so that we know that this has happened.

It can be very useful for security. You will be able to detect if someone has entered, but also if the door has been left open and your cat or dog can leave, for example. It is also a way to receive an alert if we have closed it wrong.

Motion sensor

Something more advanced would be a motion sensor. You can connect it in the entrance area to the house. If someone walks through the front door, that sensor would detect it and launch a warning. They can even detect animals that can access, so you can place it in a country house, for example.

You can receive this alert directly on your mobile. No matter where you are, you will know at all times if someone has been able to enter your home. These motion sensors are going to be very useful to gain security.

smart light

If you arrive home at night and after the first entrance door you have another one that you are also going to have to open, it is normal that you need to turn on a light bulb to see. If you use smart lights, this process can be automatic. You can control the lights from your mobile, program them to turn on when you open the door, etc.

With the theme of lights, the truth is that we have a wide range of options. They will also serve to protect the home, since we could program the on or off if we are not at home and simulate that there is someone to scare away possible thieves.

smart doorbell

Of course, one more way to use home automation at the entrance door of a home is to have a smart doorbell. Not only will it allow someone to press and let you know that they are at the door, but you could see who it is or even open it remotely. You don’t need to be home for it.

In addition, some models are capable of recording certain moments when someone rings the doorbell. For example, if you are not at home and you want to know if a package has been delivered, you will be able to find out thanks to these devices.

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