6 Ways to Increase Your Instagram Reach

Once Instagram started sorting posts with an algorithm, most marketers saw a decrease in their organic engagement and reach. However, that does not have to be the case for you. It is possible to boost your Instagram reach and get more Instagram likes, followers, and views on your posts. This is vital for businesses and individual accounts to increase your brand presence. Instagram features also make it easier to reach more users and create a favorable audience for your brand. Below are straightforward ways to boost your reach on the Instagram platform you can try.  

1. Find your posting times

Optimal posting times are relevant for individuals using Instagram today. Post when most of your audience is online. It takes time to understand your follower’s activity. But, it is vital to ensure you post when most of your audience is online. You can check your Instagram charts to know when your followers are most active. Check the time of day and the day of the week if you are using an Instagram business profile. Once you find out the posting times, schedule your Instagram posts earlier, to ensure you post high-quality content on your page. An Instagram post maker can help with the content in the post as well, making sure it’s eye catching for users.

2. Ask questions or host contests to encourage engagement 

6 Ways to Increase Your Instagram Reach

One of the ways to encourage your followers to interact with your posts on your Instagram is to call for action or ask questions. Also, you can have a giveaway contest to engage better with your followers. Some calls to action you can try are sharing your emoji party combos to enter to win. For instance, to enter tag a friend who loves social media right now. What is on your watching list right now? Drop your suggestion and win tickets to a movie is another one you can try. But, give a few months between the contest to keep things exciting and fun. 

3. Tell Instagram stories

While using Instagram to market your brand, create Instagram stories to boost your reach. Creating Instagram Stories takes a prominent position on the app above the Instagram feed. In this way, you stay on top of your followers feeds and gain their attention. The more your followers view your story regularly, the more it helps your Instagram posts rank higher on their feeds. Therefore, spend time crafting your stories. Get high-quality ones and rank better. 

4. Be a great Instagram user 

6 Ways to Increase Your Instagram Reach

Social media use should be about positive behavior on all platforms. Thus, show appreciation, share, quick replies, and more. Once you master ways to be a great Instagram user, you can grow your Instagram reach with time. A great Instagram user answers questions on posts fast, posts content relevant to the followers, thank users who comment on the Instagram posts and explore other profiles, builds relationships with customer through engaging in their posts. 

5. Experiment with videos 

Studies find that photos get more engagement than videos on Instagram. Videos generate more comments, but Instagram photos in overall engagement get more likes than videos. Commenting requires more effort from a follower or user than liking. Therefore, the Instagram algorithm values comments more and rank posts with more comments high than those with more likes. Thus, experiment with videos to see if it boosts your engagement and organic in Instagram. 

6. Go live on Instagram 

6 Ways to Increase Your Instagram Reach

Using live video helps you appear right at the front of the story feed, assuming no one else is live at the same time. The more you go live, the more you receive exposure for your content. The more your brand is in front of your fans, the more your fans learn more about your content. Use live videos now. It has hit a mass adoption even though they are not mainstream yet. So stand out and deliver great content going LIVE. 

To sum up, the above are ways to boost your Instagram reach, and you can use Instagram ads and create only for Instagram instead of cross-posting. Using the above, you can enjoy the Instagram experience. So, as a brand or business on Instagram. Create better and great experiences for your followers and brand. Overall, this boosts your Instagram reach and the growth of the platform. 

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