60 FPS in performance mode, but with a trick

There is a debate that opens up among users every time there is going to be a big launch in the world of consoles, above all, and it is that of if such or which title will be able to run at 60 frames per second (fps) in 4K resolution. And now that it’s coming final fantasy 16it has been the turn of the star development for 2023 from Square-Enix.

If the last generation of PS4 and Xbox One was the conquest of FullHD and 1080p with all video games, except for a small attempt at the end with the Pro versions of the consoles to reach 4K, it is clear that With the current PS5 (have you got it yet?) and Xbox Series X | S it is that threshold of UHD that is marking everything. Although there is a detail that final fantasy 16 It wants to comply yes or yes, and that is none other than to show itself at 60 fps.

60fps yes, but how?

Thus, with the launch of final fantasy 16 Set for June 22 only for PlayStation 5, it is normal that some details are leaking about what it can offer to those players who want to see things more fluidly than the classic 30 fps. So the developers, aware of this desire of many gamers, have appeared in the media to explain how the game will feel.

AND final fantasy 16 It will not skimp on resources to be able to see itself at 60 fps per second within its performance mode, which is one of the two that developers always offer to play: one focused on quality and where those frames usually fall below that figure, and those who prefer the fluidity of movements on the screen. In both cases, the Square-Enix title will give us the opportunity to choose.

Now, staying with the performance mode and the 60 fps, will it be a stable rate and can we expect drops even within that function aimed at prioritizing the frame rate over quality? Well, indeed, we must fear that PS5 won’t be able to keep up that pace for the entire game.

The combats, better than the exploration

It has been in an interview granted to the GNN medium where the director of final fantasy 16, Hiroshi Takai, spoke expressly of those comings and goings in the number of frames depending on the place of the game in which we are. Thus, during the exploration phases in the open world, they have confirmed that it will be difficult for the 60 fps rate to remain constant and will suffer some falls that, we understand, will not be catastrophic but rather acceptable: 55, 50…

Now, where they do confirm that the game will remain stable at 60 fps will be in combat, since the development team has done a huge job to make it so. In the interview, they explain that they spent a lot of time optimizing all the visual effects so that they did not affect that rate of images per second, always keeping the threshold of 60 constant because, in their opinion, during those phases of final fantasy 16the player does not attend so much to the graphics as to what happens with the enemies.

The good news in all this is that, while they acknowledge that final fantasy 16 it will not be able to maintain those 60 fps constants in the game, the team has promised to continue working after launch to try to fix it with new patches.

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