7 series that should return and we miss a lot

7 series that should return today

It is evident that a classification like this allows for many combinations because only in the last ten years we have experienced such a gigantic series boom that practically makes impossible any attempt to create a top capable of satisfying all of you who read us. Each one of us has stellar moments of this or that fiction nailed to our little hearts that kept us glued to the screen from the first and until the last minute and that is what we have resorted to.

That is why, within what we have experienced, We have made a list with seven series that we would bring back without thinking twice. Safe bets (others are not) that, the same, you think should be kept buried and well away from the spotlight, lest that return spoil the good memories we have of them. Be that as it may, we are going to do a science-fiction exercise and that is why we bring you those hopefuls to return at any time.

Would you like it? They are the following…


Surely it is the initiator of this seriéfila fever more than 15 years ago. yeah yeah we know how the last season endedand how controversial it was, but a return to tell us about other moments lived by the characters, or a reboot would just as well serve the fans to stay calm and with a better explanation than the one they gave us in the final episode broadcast on May 23 from 2010.


Yeah, we already know that office had a British version before, the original, starring Ricky Gervais, but Steve Carrell’s is a complete pot trip that left us some of the most tearful moments (for fun) of recent times. Sure, it would lose some of its freshness and originality, but wouldn’t you love to go back to that office in Scranton, Pennsylvania?

The Leftovers

The series of one of the creators of lost, had a very strange wandering around HBO because he barely managed to connect and explain to us what was happening until the third season where he did pick up pace, reaching its climax in a spectacular finale. Undoubtedly, we need to know more about what happened next and if things were fixed or everything continued with that air of existential drama that was killing (figuratively speaking) little by little all the characters.


Need we say why we want one of Netflix’s most iconic series to return? His stories, narrations and situations that he showed us were absolutely crazy, with a focus on some events that are still today they cause a little chill when remembering them. We need more episodes now!

The Big Band Theory

The quintessential geek series closed its doors relatively recently, but he still misses her. Now, we already know that its protagonists are a little older and that student aspect is no longer convincing, but then what you have to do is focus on what life is like as full-fledged adults, with responsibilities, keeping that geek intact in their lives. Or don’t you want to see how that Sheldon develops with the arrival of family, personal and work burdens?


It is not one of the best known series, far from it, but yes a strange event inside Netflix because the end of the first season was left open but never heard from again. Mysterious, posing situations as real as they are credible and with the idea behind showing us who could be the new Jesus who visits Earth. Millions of viewers were left wanting to see what happened but it seems that the streaming platform’s gobbling machine put it in the “we will not record a second season” drawer. a pity


For the end we leave the mother of all comedies. We are aware that the series ended a few years ago amid rumors that the protagonists did not get along, or that there were discrepancies about how much each one wanted to charge to continue playing their best-known characters, but the fact is that we were left without friends. So how about a comeback (for real) where we can see how have their lives been and if they have had offspringWhat are these children like and what impact do they have on the relationship of the group of colleagues?

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