Luna: Amazon could choose Linux over Windows for its cloud gaming service

Luna is Amazon’s new cloud gaming service and uses Windows for streaming games. However, a job posting suggests that the service could eventually move to Linux, while still offering the same catalog of Windows games.


Cloud gaming is synonymous with the future for video games and everyone is getting started little by little. Microsoft, Nvidia, Sony, Google and even Amazon with Luna, its service currently in beta. To attract developers, Amazon offers to stream games running on Windows, and not on a particular platform like Google Stadia. But Amazon could soon migrate from Windows to Linux.

It is a job offer that catches your eye. Amazon is indeed looking for engineers familiar with tools such as DXVK, Wine and Mesa. These are the same tools used by Valve on its Steam Deck to run Windows games on the Linux OS. Valve also uses it on its Linux launcher.

Amazon Luna could abandon Windows for Linux

The idea could therefore be to abandon Windows in favor of Linux, without abandoning the games that go with it. Without Windows could bring many advantages for Amazon, like being able to offer old games that are no longer supported or even updating them without worrying about compatibility.

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If the transition is made, it is most likely to be invisible to the user. Note that Luna is not yet finished and that the service is not for the moment only available in Early Acess in North America. Amazon therefore still has plenty of time to adjust the way it works. Better to take care of it now rather than wait for the release.

Amazon Luna seems to be just one more competitor in the cloud gaming world. However, the fact that it does not need special adaptation for developers and be pushed by Amazon’s servers are significant assets. Luna shouldn’t take too long to arrive, however, as the competition is taking a big lead. We are thinking in particular of Microsoft, which today offers the best service in this area.

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