He spoiled you several times and you did not know: the details of The Squid Game

Curiosities of The Squid Game

As usual, when you see a series or even a simple trailer, it is normal that many details escape you or you do not know them until it gains popularity and other people begin to comment all of interest about said content.

The Squid game is no exception and also has its hidden curiosities and details. Let’s look at them and explain them to you. Surely some of them make you see things even differently … Make yourself comfortable.

The total amount of the prize is …

The dynamics of The Squid game it is basically a competition for money. When they enter, none of the participants knows what they will find and despite the bloodthirsty of the first game, in the end many decide to return to try to get hold of those 45.6 billion won that they have as a prize.

This amount, being a currency that we do not deal with on a regular basis, may not tell us anything, but so that you can get an idea of ​​the amount we have to tell you that it would be the equivalent of some 33 million euros. Would you participate in something like that for that amount of money?

The phone number is real

The cards received by each of the candidates to participate in The Squid game They have a phone number to call to confirm if they are going to be part of the game or not. Well, that phone number is real and it has caused problems for its owner.

With the immense popularity gained by the production, many have been calling this number. The result? Its owner made a formal complaint (he received more than a thousand calls and messages a day) that Netflix and the production company of the series have been forced to resolve, editing the images in post-production.

A real nightmare, even if we had followed the roll with more than one and made an appointment at a certain time and place.

The colorful stairs

The Squid Game

The colored stairs that the participants go through when they go from one test to another are one of the elements that most attracts the attention of the first chapter. These are inspired or are a kind of homage to the work of Maurits Cornelis Escher, a Dutch artist known for his prints.

His work «Relativity» shows some stairs that seem to evoke these of The Squid game. Of course, here they have much more color and are not just a woodcut.

Scenarios almost entirely recreated

The Squid Game

Continuing with the theme of the scenarios, on many occasions they resort to the use of chroma and computer-generated graphics (CGI). These are a more or less comfortable way to add whatever you want. The problem is that they do not usually help much to get the actors fully involved in the production.

Here they decided that many items would be real. There is a post-production job where computer graphics are used, but also others that are more practical and that’s cool.

The Squid Game doll

Speaking of real objects, the doll that can be seen during the first game of “Green Light, Red Light” is not only real, it can also be visited if you want.

This gigantic articulated doll was part of Macha Land carriage museum. Those responsible for the series saw it and asked permission to take it from there, in Jincheon Country, about three hours from Seoul (capital of South Korea), to the place where the series was filmed.

456 actors on the same set

When it starts The Squid Game there are 456 participants. These, in the first scenario, they are all hired actors for it. That means that almost five hundred people had to coordinate and repeat the shots several times until the expected result was achieved.

The games were painted on the walls

In each and every one of the tests the participants arrive without knowing what is going to happen. However, on the walls of the room in which they sleep there are a number of drawings where the different tests are shown. If they had noticed, they could have had an advantage in knowing what they would consist of before being in them.

Guardian symbols and their relationship with ants

As in any production, color is a powerful tool used to tell the story in an optical way. Hence the green tones of the participants’ tracksuits or the red of the guards.

Still, what is most striking here are the symbols on the guards’ masks. Those circles, triangles and squares refer to hierarchy system of ants.

A model among the participants

the squid game

One of the most popular characters has been Sage-byeok, a role played by Jung Ho-Yeon. It is logical not to know it, but in its country of origin it turns out that it is one of the most important South Korean models. What’s more, for Vogue she represents South Korea’s next top model.

In the series he has liked his role and that has also helped him to gain millions of followers (15, no more, no less) in a single week.

From Round 6 to The Squid Game

It is common for there to be last minute changes, one of them was the title that the series would have when it was launched. It was originally going to be called Round 6 in reference to the six tests that the participants should pass.

In the end it was decided to change at the last minute for The Squid game. This, as explained at the beginning, was a fairly popular children’s game during the seventies in the country and its director played it.

Plagiarism or original series

Finally, the series has been accused of plagiarizing a Japanese film published in 2014: As The Gods Will. If you see a little it is normal to think that there may be a certain copy, although the director of the Netflix series Hwang Dong-hyuk said that the script had been ready since 2009.

If so, of course there is no plagiarism. Although it has also been said that in 2011 I use as inspiration the manga itself that serves as the basis for the Japanese fight. A mess we go, although what will matter more than use is the quality of the production.

The deaths of the protagonists are spoilea in episode 2

Episode 2 of the series provides a bit of a basis to learn about the motivations and in-depth history of the main protagonists (and the reasons why they decide to return to the game after having left in the first place). What you probably don’t know is that the chapter also left us clues of how each of the participants was going to die.

Ali AbdulFor example, he confronts his old boss and, after accidentally pushing him, steals a large amount of money from him. In the episode of his death, he was eliminated after Sang Woo tricked him and stole his marbles.

Deok soo He jumped from a bridge to escape from some gangsters and precisely died in the test of the glass walkway, falling next to Han Mi-nyeo.

the squid game

TO Sae-byeok We saw her placing a knife on the neck of the man who cheated her, and this is precisely how she sadly dies, after Sang Woo takes advantage of her weakness for being injured, and stabs her in this part of the body.

Sang-woor tried to commit suicide at home when he was overwhelmed by not being able to pay all his debts. And finally this is how he dies in the last game: he takes his life, letting Gi-hun win.

Player 001 does not appear in game files

the squid game

When the police Jun-ho discovers the files with the editions of all the games and opens the folder of the current year, it is seen that the first page of profiles corresponds to player 002. The 001 does not appear, leaving the viewer the clue that in reality the endearing old man is not a player.

A series that does not leave indifferent

Definitely, The Squid game leaves no one indifferent. It is not a series for everyone, but you should still give it a try and rate for yourself. Who knows if you get a pleasant surprise or not, but if you don’t like it, it’s not a problem either, as there are thousands of contents out there.

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