80% of entrepreneurs are affected by inflation, although it hardly affects the increase in costs

After all that the pandemic entailed and its consequent impact that still persists on entrepreneurs, a series of new challenges and threats have arrived, mainly related to the economy.

82% of the entrepreneurs consulted have been affected by inflation and 75% due to the rise in energy prices, but only one in three They have transferred the increase in costs to their customers. The rest have had to face the dilemma of choosing between losing customers or reducing their profit margins.

This is what emerges from a study released by on the profile and situation of entrepreneurship in Spain. The research, carried out by The Cocktail Analysis, through interviews with 805 freelancers and micro-SMEs, analyzes both current challenges and attitudes towards entrepreneurship.

Although it is often said that economic crises encourage entrepreneurship, the truth is that 47% of entrepreneurs declare themselves vocational, barely one in ten comes through the inheritance of a business, and 41% due to circumstances external to the venture, such as losing their job. For this reason, the study distinguishes between four profiles of entrepreneurs.

The most numerous profile is the engaged (30% of the total), in which the vocation converges with the need to undertake, and where there is a greater female presence. Within this profile, the reason for starting a business (38%) is the lack of work or the precarious situation. He is followed by innovative (28%), a clearly vocational profile and more predisposed to risk and innovation.

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The third most frequent profile (23%) is the so-called change of course, who has been forced into entrepreneurship due to external circumstances, but is comfortable with his professional career. Finally, the profile fighter represents the 19% of entrepreneurs who do not always reach this path out of conviction, but show great motivation and resilience.

Balancing personal and professional life

All these profiles share a series of objectives, among which are to combine personal and professional life (68%), dedicate themselves to what they really like (61%) and be able to live calmly, without worries (58%). Of course, not everything is smooth sailing in his career. The main difficulties that entrepreneurs have faced when starting their business are risk taking, problems and stress (57%), financial management (52%) and having to dedicate a lot of effort and work (43%).

In return, three out of ten respondents perceive that being entrepreneurs gives them greater satisfaction than working for others, more freedom and creativity, as well as the possibility of dedicating themselves to what they like. In this sense, Spanish entrepreneurs define themselves as hardworking, resilient, curious, optimistic and creative.

“As this study shows, the so-called entrepreneurial gene presents itself with nuances depending on the different profiles of entrepreneurs. However, they all have a common denominator, which is a strong commitment to work, self-improvement and innovation that make them the economic engine that drives SMEs and the self-employed in our country”. points out Agustí Pascual, director of

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