A fan rides the trailer we all wanted for Spider-Man: No way home

A few days ago the second and final was published trailer of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Many of the hypotheses that the most observant fans had proposed months before ended up being confirmed. However, the new trailer has only added fuel to the fire, since everything indicates that Sony and Marvel have edited the scenes shown in it in post-production to continue hiding the obvious from us.

More hypotheses emerge about No way home

Until the day December 17 we will not know for sure if Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield They will be back on the big screen dressed as Spider-Man. But the rumor has gotten out of hand, reaching such magnitude that it would be a disappointment if this open secret was not fulfilled.

Shortly after the trailer was released, many fans shared detailed screenshots and new hypotheses about the movie’s plot. And it is not for less, since the fact that a film that shows us the last three spider-man, played by its original actors with the excuse of a space-time mismatch in the multiverse would be a complete genius. A kind of fourth wall break never seen to date that would close the Tom Holland trilogy in style.

A fan has already made his own final trailer

Andrew Garfield's hand in No Way Home

Just a frame of video has been enough to assemble a whole conspiracy multiverse around Spider-Man: No way home. During the second trailer, MJ (Zendaya) can be seen falling into the void. The slow motion images are a carbon copy of the death of Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The trailer ends with an outstretched hand of the superhero to try to save her. But the thing would not end there, since according to some fans, the hand that comes into action does not wear Tom Holland’s Spider-Man suit, but rather seems to be the glove version of Andrew Garfield.

With this on the table, youtuber Saruhan Saral (Mightyraccoon!), Has launched to create his own alternate trailer. And he hasn’t just cut and pasted shots; He has used his knowledge of graphic design and animation to recreate what he considers to have been removed in the official trailer for the film.

The result is a piece of just 34 seconds, but surely you will see more than once. Saruhan has not left a detail in the inkwell. The video performance quality It is really amazing to be produced by an amateur and the final touch of the trailer leaves us a bittersweet taste, since on the one hand we are happy that Andrew can save MJ, even if it is from another universe, and on the other we are pissed off by the fact that which has probably gutted one of the most emotional moments of the new movie.

The fake trailer already has almost five million views on YouTube, and the comment box is full of positive comments towards this marvel that the young Turk has made.

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