A new browser is coming to Linux: will it be able to with Firefox?

For a long time and more when the Internet has become an important part of many users around the world, the battle between browser developers is fierce. The main reason for all this is that they want to get the biggest piece of the pie in an increasingly important software sector. Thus, titles like Chrome, Firefox or found on most current computers.

And we are not only referring to desktop computers, but all this is extensible to mobile devices, among others. There is no doubt that mainly in those computers based on the Windows system of Microsoft, Chrome leads this market, and by far. But here we are going to talk about desktop computers that are based on the open source operating system Linux. In this sense, many users to date choose to make use of Mozilla’s program of this type, Firefox.

Edge comes to Linux to take on Firefox

However, as has happened with Chrome on Windows, in Linux a serious competitor has also appeared that is coming for all. Specifically, we refer to Microsoft’s proposal with which it wants to make an important niche in this market. We tell you all this because the software giant has just launched the first stable version of its program Edge for Linux systems.

If you remember, at the end of 2018 the firm based in Redmond announced the new browser with which the first version of Edge launched with Windows 10 was left behind. This revision of the program to move around the internet was already based on the engine Chromium of Google. Along with its launch, the firm announced that the new Edge would be available for other additional platforms in addition to Windows itself. This was just one of the many differences between the new version and the classic Edge, which was only released for Windows 10 only.

In this way, the aim is to reach as many users as possible. If we focus on Linux, the first Vista version was made available to everyone at the end of 2020. This is something that occurred a few months after the final versions were staged for macOS and Windows.

Download the stable version of the browser

In addition, we must bear in mind that this first version of the browser for Linux was compatible with the Ubuntu, Debian, openSUSE and Fedora distros. At that time, the release of the first stable version for these environments was not made public.

Microsoft decided to release a Beta version of the program for Linux, but so far the stable version of Edge for Linux has not arrived. In this way, it is clear that the company wants to enter the open source operating system to also gain the trust of users. This new version was first seen in the Yum repository with the file name microsoft-edge-stable-95.0.1020.38-1.x86_64.rpm. After this, one was launched, published just a day later, with the name microsoft-edge-stable-95.0.1020.40-1.x86_64.rpm.

As many of you will know, these rpm files are Red Hat Package Manager. Microsoft provides rpm and deb packages on its Edge Insider website. Therefore, it is more than likely that these formats will also give us access to the stable version when Microsoft makes the official announcement. This is something that everything indicates that it will be carried out in a short time. At the same time, the arrival of the new Edge to Linux could be a hard blow for Firefox, something that has already happened in Windows.

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