A VPN will save you a lot of money this summer on your travels, so you should do it

Of course, keep in mind that a VPN does not work miracles. You will not always be able save money. In fact, as we are going to explain, only in certain situations. However, sometimes you could save interesting money, if you are lucky, when buying a flight, booking a hotel or renting a car.

VPN to save when traveling

What is a VPN? It is basically a program that you install on your mobile phone or computer and it allows you to navigate as if you were somewhere else. For example, you could be in Spain and connect to a VPN with servers in Japan and surf the web as if you were in Tokyo, thousands of kilometers from where you physically are. The connection is encrypted by this application, so websites and applications do not know what your IP is.

But why can you help save money when traveling? Sometimes, tourism companies can launch campaigns for certain countries with the aim of attracting travelers. For example, an airline might have cheaper tickets for people in Poland than for people in France. Maybe it’s a one-off offer, due to currency exchange, marketing strategies… The thing is, if you connect to a VPN from those countries where something is cheaper, you’ll be able to pay less.

Of course this is not always so. In addition, it requires research and testing. In the case of flights, it normally occurs only on long-distance ones. For example to go from Europe to Asia or America. A flight of a few hours will not vary, at least usually. At most, you would have savings from the currency exchange.

But the same thing can also happen when book hotels or even rent a car. Once again, these companies can launch specific campaigns to attract customers from a destination. You can take advantage of it to pay less, even if the difference is not much. If, for example, you are going to travel with your family, several people, any savings can be an interesting total amount.

Error when using a VPN to travel

Choose the best VPN

You should keep in mind that it is necessary to choose the VPN well. The first thing, for security. It is essential that it is reliable, that it has good ratings and comments, as well as that it works well. But essential to our goal of saving money when traveling is that you have many servers available. You can use apps like NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

Having many servers means that you will be able to choose from many countries. You will be able to try which one could be cheaper to buy a flight, book a hotel or rent a car, if possible. But also, having many servers you will be able to choose the one that works faster and more stable.

Therefore, as you can see, you could save money on your trips by using a VPN. Although it is not usual, there are times when you can find cheaper offers and prices than if you do the same search browsing with your real IP address. Choose well which server to connect to.

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