AC Mirage, RE Village… don’t even think about buying them on iPhone!

Assassin's Creed Mirage.

Yesterday afternoon Apple presented its new iPhone 15 to the world where, as always, the Pro models stand out, which They are the ones that always have the best part in terms of processors, GPU, performance, camera, etc. But those from Cupertino had a surprise that many have bought and that confirms that the last thing they are interested in is users.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Resident Evil Village and Death Stranding They will reach new devices, taking advantage of the fact that their technical potential allows performance – so they say – similar to that of a desktop console. We don’t know if it’s a PS4 Pro or a PS5, but the fact is that It helps Tim Cook’s team to monopolize the headlines during several days. And what can we tell you? Don’t buy them!

The bottomless pit of the App Store

The subscriber decided four years ago to stop buying games in the App Store. Until then I had no qualms about spending 15 euros on a Square RPG, a classic shooter, and much less on many indie releases that are always perfect for those downtime that one has every day. But if I took the path of never spending a euro in the digital store again, it was not because of me, but because how Apple develops iOS over time.

From Cupertino they have a roadmap that is a steamroller and does not look beyond what they want to achieve. AND If along the way they lose compatibility with thousands of games sold in their store, nothing happens.: It is said that the studios that released them are responsible for creating updates when, in most cases, those companies have either disappeared or it is not profitable for them to continue providing support because they are involved in other projects that are what feed them.

iOS, when it adapted to 64-bit processors, made a sweep that left my account – and that of millions of iPhone users since the end of the first decade of the 2000s – inaccessible to an average of two or three out of every four purchases made. Titles that at the time were used to promote in the keynotes Apple’s new phones disappeared without a trace. Lost forever.

Are you going to throw away the money?

If you are a veteran iPhone user and have been an active buyer of games on the App Store, Take a look at your list of purchases and see how many have lost the download button. You don’t have them anymore, you can’t use them, even though you paid for them. And this will happen again when, in the future, perhaps in three, four or five years, Apple makes another technological leap that makes what is currently sold in its store incompatible.

App Store Games.

On Steam, at least, we continue to enjoy our purchases from 20 years ago, some with limitations, it’s true, but they can be executed by performing certain steps. In the ecosystem that Apple has created, that opportunity does not exist because Tim Cook’s road plan is above our money. And that path takes no prisoners. Not even if we have paid for games like the ones you see just above: Assassin’s Creed, Doom, Track & Field, driver, simcityetc.

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