Actress takes a naked photo with her 7-year-old son for his birthday; goes to jail for obscene

The actress Rosemond brown, also known as Akuapem Poloo in Ghana caused controversy to the extent of being arrested for taking a photograph without clothes together with her seven-year-old son old like his birthday gift.

In the photo, the naked actress appears squatting while holding hands with her little son who is standing up and in underwear. The photograph upset the officials of the African country for which she was accused of engage in domestic violence and the image was rated as a posting obscene material, according to the NY Post.

After the controversial photograph, Akuapem Poloo published on his Instagram account a message dedicated to his son: “Son, I love you and God is with you you always know … Be good until the mummy returns … God is always in control.”

Rosemond Brown took the photograph on June 20 and after going to trial received a three month prison sentence ruled by Judge Christiana Cann who assured that the “harsh sentence” would deter others.

However, Rosemond Brown appealed the decision. But months later, Superior Court Judge Ruby Aryeetey upheld the first sentence and ruled that it was not excessive.

Cardi B defended Akuapem Poloo

At the time, on her Twitter account, the rapper Cardi B defended the Ghanaian actress for the publication of the photograph with her son, especially for the Court’s decision to call her “A bit harsh.”

“I’ve seen a lot of Americans do photoshoots like that. Even though it’s not my style I don’t think she was opting more for the sexual thing, being the natural idea. I believe that jail is a bit hard. Maybe conditional freedom on social media or community service. “

Judge Cann ruled that such cases of physical assault and desecration of the publication of obscene materials on social networks is on the increase.


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