Adjustments in your web browser to avoid problems with downloads

Hence precisely the importance that its developers are currently giving to their projects in this regard. Over time they add new and more advanced functions that help us in everything we can do with these programs. And it is that these no longer only focus on allowing us to visit web pages for consultation, but they go much further. Through a browser we can now play, chat, download all kinds of content, work, consume streaming content, etc.

Therefore, the work of these developers at this time is quite complicated, since they must cover the needs of hundreds of million users all over the world. There are many proposals of this type that we can use, but most of them have a series of functions in common. Then, if we go into each case in depth, there are very differential factors between each of these programs.

Here we are going to focus on the download function that all these programs have. In fact, this is something that we must act on appropriately.

Activate the secure downloads feature

In these times where security is paramount, there are many functions that these programs have added in this regard. We tell you all this because many of the current browsers have their own function to protect us when downloading new ones contents. We say all this because it is advisable to activate the safe downloads function so that the program itself has the ability to block the download of suspicious files.

This is just another security-related addition that will allow us to avoid accidentally downloading malicious content to our PC. In this way, the browser does not allow any type of malware to reach our computer without us noticing.

Specify a custom disk location

Another of the functions that we must take into account and activate when download content from our internet browser, it is the custom location. By default these programs save all the downloads that we make from here in the corresponding folder that is already created in their own OS. This is common in most cases, but can be confusing over time.

For all this, it is recommended that we configure the corresponding settings of the program to indicate the disk path where we want to download these contents. With this, what we achieve is that every time we download a file, the browser itself asks us the location of the disk that we want to use at that moment. In this way we have much more control over the storage of these contents.

Show the download menu in browsers

Similarly, there are some proposals of this type that offer an additional menu each time we start a download process of these characteristics. This is something that for example we find in browsers Edge or Google Chrome, menu that appears when clicking on a download link. This functionality to which we refer will allow us to carry out certain related actions.

Here we refer to seeing the list of the last downloaded contents, cleaning it, changing the location, directly opening that file, locating ourselves in the destination folder, etc.

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