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The Madrid’s community has launched a tourist voucher of up to 600 euros that will allow citizens to enjoy significant discounts on trips, restaurants and cultural and sports activities. A balloon of oxygen for many companies in the sector that have been shaken by the pandemic.

The tourism sector It has been one of those that has suffered the most from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic due to confinements, mobility restrictions and other measures that led to a notable decline in tourism.

The arrival of vaccines has alleviated the situation and, in order to boost tourism, the Community of Madrid has launched tourist vouchers with a subsidy of up to 600 euros (VAT included), and with which citizens can enjoy discounts of up to 50% in accommodation, travel agencies, restaurants and cultural and sports activities.

With this, the regional government seeks to boost regional tourism activity, consolidate the revitalization of the sector and strengthen companies. According to the calculations of the regional government, this initiative, which will run until May 15, 2022, or until funds are exhausted, will attract more than 40,000 new travelers, generating about 120,000 overnight stays.

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The government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso plans to invest 5 million euros in these tourist bonds with the aim of generate an economic impact of 14.8 million euros from which the users of products and services that are subsidized will benefit, as well as the companies that adhere to the program.

Advantages for tourism companies

The implementation of these tourist bonds could be a blow to the sector to not only boost its economy, but also contribute to the strengthening and revitalization of tourism companies in the Madrid region.

Published in the Official Gazette of the Community of Madrid (BOCM), the requirements for companies in the tourism sector to be able to adhere to the voucher are various and will contribute to generating significant aid without a fixed limit in order to alleviate the consequences suffered by the measures during the harshest months of the pandemic.

In this sense, it must be taken into account that only travel and accommodation agencies can join the initiative, from hotels to hostels, pensions, rural houses, rural tourism apartments, hotel-apartments, guest houses and tourism camps. All within the Community of Madrid.

Likewise, the subsidy will only be for tourist accommodation services and products, with at least one night of overnight stay, as well as those marketed by agencies whose consumption is carried out in the Community of Madrid

Although transport from any point to the Madrid community is also subsidized, that which is carried out from outside Spain is excluded from the voucher. Likewise, the subsidy for consumption in the bar and minibar in the accommodations, or alcoholic beverages, television, or management costs are not included in the initiative.

Companies that want to join the program must register through the platform indicating the data requested and the documentation. Once accepted by the Chamber of Commerce of the region, an area is enabled to manage all the requested reservations including the supporting documents to be able to receive the aid.

It is important that companies include these receipts during the next ten calendar days from their consumption since the customer only paid 50% of the service. That is why it is requested to incorporate a series of data such as the voucher number, the beneficiary username, the issuer’s name, the services provided, the 50% discount applied and the date.

Once everything has been verified, payment is made by entering the indicated bank account within 30 calendar days. Although these subsidized expenses are reflected in the accounting records for the next four years, the subsidy is compatible with other aid from the Public Administration.

It should be noted that the companies registered in this program must promote the initiative in their establishment, issue a reservation document for each one they do, present the justification on the platform and keep the receipts so that the fiscal bodies of the region can verify them.

How the citizen benefits from the tourist voucher

To enjoy the Madrid tourist voucher as a citizen, the only requirement is to have Spanish nationality or legal residence anywhere in Spain. To request it, it will be necessary to first formalize a reservation in one of the establishments that are part of the campaign and, later, register on the website enabled for this initiative,, and apply for the voucher.

Once registered, the user will be able to see in the section of establishments adhered to the campaign what they are and know them through this list to be able to request the bonus.

In addition to these discounts on accommodation, the Madrid tourist voucher also includes the application of a discount for those transports that, originating from anywhere in Spain, have the Community of Madrid as their destination. The condition is that this trip is contracted through the collaborating agencies and the user makes a minimum stay of two nights in the region.

Conditions to take into account

Another of the conditions contemplated in this tourist voucher is that the reservation of the service is made ten calendar days before the date of the trip or stay and, at most, the services must be used within 40 days after the reservation.

In addition, each tourist can only request one voucher per month and as long as he does not have yet to use another voucher. Keep in mind that these bonuses are only valid for reservations made, and confirmed and loaded on the platform. If changes are made, the voucher will not be valid.

And, as we have mentioned before, to enjoy these accommodation services a minimum stay of one night in the accommodation is required.

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