Will the film with Tom Holland have a sequel?

The Sony boss is already considering making Uncharted a franchise, with one or more sequels.

14 years after its construction, Uncharted has finally made its way into our dark rooms. The directors’ ball ended in 2020 with the arrival of Ruben Fleischer at the helm, and the desire for producers to tell the origins of the famous Nathan Drake. Tom Holland, who discovered the games on the set of Spider-Man, is thus recruited to play the young explorer, alongside Mark Wahlberg.

While he was once considered in the role of Drake, he finally scoops that of the historic sidekick of the video game character: Sully. The story follows the fearless, Nathan Drake is recruited by a treasure hunter to go in search of Magellan’s fortune. Along the way, he meets a certain Chloé Frazer. They will have to learn to collaborate and trust each other.

A box office success

If all this development has not been a long calm river, things seem to be improving for Uncharted which stands out as a box office success at the start of the year. In just one weekend, the film raised no less than $100 million worldwide. Excellent results in line with Spider-Man: No Way Home, another Made in Sony success of recent months.

A second movie

In a letter addressed to his employees, Tom Rothman wanted to celebrate this first step, while giving some clues to the sequence of events. “With an audience score of 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, Uncharted is a blockbuster movie franchise for the company.” A choice of words that leave very little room for doubt, Uncharted could establish itself as a real saga in the future, with several opuses like its alter ego on consoles.

A situation that should make Ruben Fleischer happy, who confided during a press conference given in Paris: “It was really such a joy to make this movie and such a great collaboration, but in the end, the fans are going to decide. I hope they want it, I would love to do it again.”

*** Spoilers ***

After the credits, the most conscientious spectators were able to discover a new scene which could be a taste of what the franchise will have in store for us next. In addition to adding a little hair to Mark Wahlberg’s face, the sequence makes a direct reference to Drake’s Fortune, the first part of the video game saga. Uncharted first of the name could as we imagined it be only a vast introduction which will be used as a basis for the next opuses. Nothing is official for the moment, but it is hard to imagine Sony sitting on what looks more and more like a sacred booty, so exploit the sector as much as possible.

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