after Mercedes, BMW presents the electric car of the future

Mercedes, Sony and now BMW, so many companies that have presented electric cars that will make the automobile of tomorrow.

Decidedly, this 2022 edition of CES is doing quite well for car manufacturers. The show organized in Las Vegas has already seen several concepts pass before its eyes. The first to have had the right to the flashes of the photographers was the prototype of Mercedes, the “Vision”. A name that obviously pleases a lot these days, since the Japanese firm Sony has also decided to release a new concept from its factories.

With the “Vision-S 02”, the brand offers what it knows how to do best in the automotive field. A stylish SUV that everyone expects on the road. But while the automobile companies, and those who would like to become one, timidly enter the all-electric world, there is indeed a company in Bavaria which has made “EV” cars its specialty for years.

Known in the early 2010s for its unreliable Formula 1 V8 engines, BMW has since been able to spread its wings and successfully fly to the electric world. It has now been more than 10 years since the brand released the i8, one of the very first electric concepts in the world.

BMW does not unveil a concept, but the car of tomorrow

But with this new edition of CES, and as battery-powered cars start to take more and more market share, BMW has decided to strike a blow and take back its rightful place. The German brand took advantage of the show to present the iX M60. An electric car with surprisingly surprising lines.

As with Sony, the fashion seems to be with the big SUVs this year, and the Bavarian firm knows exactly how to do it in this area. With its M series, which has been on many models, BMW pledges the famous “Deutsch qualität” which is so sought after. With the iX M60, BMW presents neither more nor less than its most powerful electric car.

This M-series monster makes no less than 600 horsepower with the sport mode, enough to achieve a 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.6 seconds. A breathtaking score, especially when you know that the car displays more than 2.5 tons on the scale. History to finish convincing you, the iX M60 is faster than an Audi R8, yet very sporty car of the brand with the rings.

500 kilometers of range and super fast charging

In addition to the sensations promised by this incredible car, BMW has some very good news regarding autonomy. Indeed, the latter exceeds 500 kilometers, with an ultra-fast recharging cycle that recovers 80% of its energy in just 35 minutes.

With a planned launch date in Europe for June 2022, the iX M60 is already making people envious who will have to wait another six long months before being able to take advantage of such a car. Regarding the size of the check to be disbursed, no announcement has been made by the blue and white brand, but this should be around 110,000 euros according to initial estimates.

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