Costa Food Group grows with HPE SimpliVity and the support of SEMIC

The Costa Business Group is present in the agri-food, renewable energy, automotive, plant health, hotel and real estate sectors. Within the agri-food sector, it operates in 107 countries through the Costa Food Group meat holding company.

The history of Costa Food Group is linked to the birth of Piensos Costa in the town of Fraga (Huesca) in 1966. Since then it has applied integration, expansion and growth models that have allowed it to consolidate itself as a benchmark in the agri-food sector.

Costa Food Group currently has the third largest livestock in Europe and is made up of Piensos Costa, Costa Food Meat, Casademont, Industrias Cárnicas Villar, Ibéricos Costa, Embutidos La Nuncia, Grupo Aviserrano, Roler, La Alegría Riojana and Juan Luna.
Thanks to this, the entire production process is controlled, from farm to table, of the meat species of white and Iberian pork, chicken and turkey, with an inherent premise in all Costa Food products: to be natural from the source.

The growth of the Group, which has led it to consolidate itself among the most important companies in Europe in its sector, however, required an update of its technological infrastructure.

just as you remember Joseph Soler, head of the IT department at Costa Food Meat, the company had an infrastructure made up of a cluster of servers with a Hyper-V farm and a SAN environment. “In our desire for continuous improvement, we are committed to improving our technological infrastructure with the aim of adapting it to our current and future requirements, in terms of efficiency, security and scalability”.

One of the key points sought by the group’s technical department was the commitment to a technology that was not based on silos that would optimize queries and information management. When facing a digital transformation process with which to renew its technological infrastructure, Josep Soler confirms that the first factor they were looking for was to have a platform “that was capable of offering us the performance we need, that was in line with the current technologies and that it was easy to administer”. In this field, betting on a hyperconverged solution was presented as a winning option.

SEMIC and the road to hyperconvergence

Faced with the need to renew their CPD, Costa Food Group put themselves in the hands of SEMIC, a specialized partner of the HPE channel, with whom they had long maintained a relationship of trust and who from the first moment not only encouraged them to bet for a hyperconverged solution, but to do it specifically for HPE SimpliVity.

Albert Fontane, project director at SEMIC, recommends this commitment to HPE SimpliVity for being a “modern and future solution with optimal performance, centralized management of the platform and with a built-in disaster recovery solution, which was one of the fundamental aspects that demanded the client”.

In this sense, what is proposed to Costa Food Group is a complete migration to a high-performance platform, “since the client had problems in its production and development environments of its ERP with SQL Server databases”. In response, HPE SimpliVity “offered them centralized management at all levels, storage, backup, deployment of new services and obtaining greater efficiencies at the storage level, as a disaster recovery solution”, confirms Albert Fontané.

As also highlights Mikel ExtandiaISR Account Manager at HPE and expert advisor in this digital transformation process, “HPE SimpliVity offered them very interesting advantages, such as high data protection, server replication and a contingency data center at a competitive cost, combining simplicity and high performance”.

More performance and better backup

After getting the new infrastructure up and running, it didn’t take long for Costa Food Group to see the benefits of HPE SimpliVity, especially in the area of ​​disaster recovery. As Josep Soler states, “one of our challenges was to obtain a multi-site disaster recovery solution taking advantage of the capabilities offered by the platform itself. The other, to strengthen the backup capacities of our environment and of the companies of the Group”.

In both cases HPE SimpliVity has met with note. The company’s CIO states in this regard that “the implementation of HPE SimpliVity has allowed us to optimize the operational efficiency and security of our technological infrastructure, while at the same time we have advanced in the simplicity of its management”.

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