Akamai buys IaaS provider Linode to compete with AWS, Azure or Google Cloud

Akamai has confirmed that it is preparing to buy the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provider Linode, for which it will pay around 900 million dollars. Akamai will keep all of its shares, and if there are no complications, the purchase, which will add about $100 million in revenue to Akamai, will close before the end of this quarter.

With this step, Akamai continues to advance its plans to become the world’s most distributed computing platform. Linode will help you achieve this, as it is one of the companies considered as competition from certain public cloud providerssuch as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. also from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Hence the step taken: Akamai had everything necessary to do it in terms of CDN and edge computing, but fundamentally it lacked everything related to hosting, which is, among other things, provided by Linode. With its addition, Akamai will also be able to offer developers a distributed platform for the development, execution and security of last and next generation applications.

Linode’s product and service offerings, focused on providing everything developers need, as well as small and medium business owners (particularly the former). It offers them advanced cloud technology designed to greatly simplify the execution of applications in the cloud. All with affordable and adjusted costs.

Tom Leighton, CEO of Akamaihas pointed out that the combination of «cloud computing capabilities designed for developers» and Akamai’s edge platform and security offering «is transformational» for the company, whose management already plans «start a new stage in our evolution by creating a single cloud platform to develop, run and secure applications from the cloud to the edge. It’s a huge win for developers, who will now be able to build the next generation of applications on a platform that offers unprecedented scale, reach, performance, reliability, and security.«.

Linode, noted for never seeking outside funding, is headquartered in Philadelphia and employs 250 people. His founder and CEO, Christopher Akerhas recalled that «Linode has successfully run a profitable business since our establishment in 2003«. Aker has also pointed out that “Customers face new challenges as cloud services move to encompass everything, including compute, storage, security, and core-to-edge offerings. Solving these challenges requires a tremendous level of integration and scale, which Akamai and Linode plan to do from one company.«.

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