Aldi has a drone on sale for 45 euros: is it worth it?

fly, fly

Priced at €44.99you can imagine that this drone does not include collision detection systems or Return to Home as is often the case with DJI models, but obviously we are not going to ask for that much technology in a device with a toy price.

With a pretty colorful design that mimics the lines of the DJI Mini, this Maginon QC-707SE It has a 720p resolution camera, microSD card slot and three adjustable speeds in Beginner, Normal and Advanced mode. The camera is not stabilized, since it is a small fixed camera to which we can manually adjust the tilt.

In short, it is a simple drone that will be used to fly it quietly, capture some photos and videos without too many demands and with which to spend some time flying through the skies. The problem is that the opinions of users who have been able to test the drone agree on the same problem: it tends to lose communication with the control unit.

A turbulent flight


As we can see in an opinion published on Amazon and a video analysis on YouTube, the Maginon drone has serious problems when it comes to establishing stable communication between the quadcopter and the control unit. Seeing the behavior of the drone in the video, we could guess that the problem is in latency that exists between the controller and the drone, in addition to the instability generated by possible interference with other networks.

It is usually something normal in equipment of this category, so for that price we cannot expect more. Our recommendation is that if you are going to fly it in very open spaces without the presence of too much interference (in the open field, for example), it could be fine, but if you want to play with it in the garden at home or fly it around the city, you could run into problems.

And it is also necessary to take into account that the 160 grams of weight that it measures on the scale allows you to fly it in residential areas as long as you make a responsible flight and without flying over groups of people. Its category allows you to fly it without a license and without insurance, so you will not have serious problems with it. Of course, every time you fly it you should keep a very short distance between the drone and the controller.

A price that encourages you to buy it

The price of 44.99 euros is great and probably more than one user is going to buy it, but it is not too much to have all these recommendations reviewed so as not to take surprises when you are going to release it. At least have spare propellers so you can change them in case of an accident.

The drone will go on sale next November 23 in Aldi supermarkets, and as always, you will have very limited units in each establishment.

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