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Synopsis Shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings

As we always do in these types of articles, the best way for you to know well the story behind this movie is for us to introduce you to the character.

Shang-chi, also known as the Kung Fu Master, is one of the lesser-known characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was created by writer Steve Englehart with artist Jim Starlin, and debuted in the 1973 Special Marvel Edition # 15 comic.

But the story of this character is even deeper than usual. In those years, Marvel Comics wanted to acquire the rights to one of the most popular television series of the moment: Kung Fu. However, being owned by Warner Communications, they did not reach an agreement and there was no assignment. As an alternative, Marvel bought the rights to the novels from the evil Dr. Fu-Manchu.

Using certain parts of these novels, such as secondary settings, events, and characters, Englehart and Starlin developed Shang-chi. This was a hidden son of Dr. Fu-Manchu, raised by his father for the sole purpose of becoming his most powerful and devastating weapon. Over the years, Shang-chi becomes the best martial arts fighter in the MCU. His best techniques are bare-handed fighting, the sword, nunchucks, and shuriken. Of course, originally this character does not have any super power beyond being able to master the energy of his Chi to enhance his abilities.

After completing one of his evil father’s missions, Shang-chi discovers that his beliefs that his father’s actions were the right ones crumble. Disappointed and full of anger, he confronts his father and swears that, from that moment, they become enemies.

This is the story behind the Shang-chi character in the company’s comics. However, it seems that in your movie there will be some slight variations. First of all, it is interesting to know that Marvel no longer has the rights to Dr. Fu-Manchu, so it seems that the father of this king of martial arts will be the mythical Mandarin. A character that was already “seen” in a distorted way in the third installment of Ironman as a ridiculed imitation of it. This change brings with it different advantages, as the Mandarin is a much richer element in the UCM, in addition to having the power of the ten rings, which will pass to his son. Therefore, Shang-chi will indeed have superpowers in this movie.

The only official details that we know about the synopsis of this film are verbatim words from the Marvel website:

Shang-Chi must face the past that he thought he had left behind when he is drawn into the web of the mysterious Ten Rings organization.

But, according to what we see in the official trailers (which we will show you below) and some statements by the director of the film, Destin Daniel Cretton, the plot looks more than interesting:

“He has a beautiful style, at the same time naturalistic and earthy, but also elevated, in the best of ways. And anyone who can shoot The Matrix will do a great job on this movie. I think that to be the first Asian / Asian American step in the MCU the tone is right »

These are just the beginnings of this new member of the UCM. Based on what was happening in the company’s comics, Shang-Chi could weave his way with Iron Fist, the Moon Knight, the X-men or Spider-man, but this will probably happen more in the future. Now it’s time, as we have seen in other Marvel installments, to get to know this master of martial arts in depth.

Trailer of Shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings

That said, we have currently been able to enjoy 3 official trailers dedicated to this new installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Next, we leave you all the content that the company has seen fit to share with us to open your mouth about the history of Shang-chi (in order of publication):

Distribution of film

At the gates of the arrival of this new installment of Marvel, and as we have seen in the official trailers, we already know much of what will be the cast of this movie.

The first and most important actor in history is Shang-chi, interpreted by Simu liu. As we have already mentioned, it is about an expert in martial arts who, after disappointment with the intentions of his evil father, decides to fight against him and his plans.

On the other hand we will have the actress Awkwafina giving life to Katy chen. It is about a close friend of Shang-Chi and her new life, who is unaware of his entire past. This, after uncovering the entire plot, will be pushed to confront forces whose existence was completely unknown.

We will also see Meng’er Zhang What Xialing. Sister Shang-Chi, and daughter of the Mandarin, who she left behind when she tried to change her life.

The person in charge of interpreting the role of Mandarin, the main enemy of this story, we will have the actor Tony leung. He is also known as Wenwu, which is the name he was given in the comics to replace the characters after the loss of the rights to Fu Manchu. A terrible man, racist, but who hides from certain people as a character with many layers.

More interesting characters that we can get to see in this movie are the very popular (within the UCM) Benedict wong playing his role as Wong as a master of the mystical arts. There will also be the boxer Florian Munteanu What Razor fist, who plays a mercenary with steel blades instead of hands hired by the Mandarin to assassinate Shang-Chi.

When is Shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings released?

And, finally, we have to tell you about when this movie will be available so that we can see it that you are probably looking forward to. The initial idea of ​​Marvel studios is that it would have seen the light of early 2021, but due to the crisis generated by the Coronavirus it was not like that.

But you can rest assured, because the premiere is already closed and just around the corner. Shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings will come to the big screen, and through early access by Disney + under payment, from September 3 this year. That is, there are only a few days left from the date of publication of this article so that we can enjoy the story of this master of martial arts and his presentation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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