All the temporary emails that you should block to avoid SPAM

List of temporary emails that send Spam

There’s a wide range of options to create us an email. There is also when we refer to disposable emails. However, there are some domains that are often used to send spam and also compromise security. That is why we must avoid them.

We echo a list created by GitHub user Russorat. There he shows a lots of domains which are used as disposable mail, but which are generally used to send Spam. This can flood our spam folder and end up being a nuisance.

The list is made up of about 200 addresses. These are services that we can use for personal use, to create a temporary email address. However, they are also part of a list that they generally use to send those abusive advertising or Spam emails that we always want to avoid.

The idea behind this list is to be able to block those domains in our email provider to stop receiving spam. At least, we will be protected against these specific addresses.

How to block a domain in Gmail

You can easily block a specific address or a domain in Gmail. In this way, from that moment on, any e-mail that we receive from that address would automatically go to the junk mail tray and would not flood the main tray with annoying Spam.

This, beyond getting rid of unwanted email, can also be very interesting for improve security and privacy. A spam email can be used to sneak malicious files that, when opened, infect our devices and can even steal personal data or passwords.

The first thing is to log in to Gmail with your data, enter Settings and go to Filters and blocked addresses. There you will have to click on Create a filter.

Once there, in the From section, you will have to put the domain you want to block. you give to create filter and you will be applying it just to that address or domain that you have put. From that moment on, the e-mails you receive will go directly to the Spam tray and the main one will not be filled with junk mail.

Tips to avoid spam

We have explained how to create a filter for these temporary addresses that can be used for spam. However, there are many emails that they could use and the methods they have to find our address and flood us with abusive advertising emails. That is why we want to give some tips to avoid Spam.

Do not make the address public

The first tip is avoid making the address public of mail. You should not write a message in open forums or pages where anyone can access and see your e-mail. We are not only talking about real users, but also about bots that are responsible for collecting these addresses and later including them in spam campaigns.

Whenever you put data on social networks or on any platform, you must verify that your address is not available for anyone to see. This will prevent you from receiving Spam e-mails, but also Phishing attacks and the like that could compromise your security at any given time.

Be careful where you sign up

You should also be careful where you sign up. There are platforms that can be insecure and they could use your data to scam you, include you in malware campaigns or even spoof your identity. We are talking about web pages, forums, applications or any other online service.

In case you have doubts, that you need to register on a platform and you do not know if it is really reliable or not, you can always create an alternative address and thus avoid exposing your main email account. It is an interesting option that will undoubtedly serve as a security barrier to avoid problems.

a spam email

Use a good provider

The mail provider that you use will also be decisive to better maintain your security. There are many options on the Internet, such as Gmail, Outlook, etc. Our advice is that you use a reliable service, with guarantees, that you know will work well and in which your data will always be protected.

Using one provider or another will also mean that you have a better or worse spam filter. In this way, although none is 100% effective in this regard, you may be less likely to receive spam that ends up in your inbox and even becomes a security problem.

Never reply to unknown emails

Hackers can use a spam bait to attack you or obtain personal data. A very common one is to send you an email in which they want you to interact in some way. For example responding, sending some type of data, etc. What they are looking for is to know if there really is a natural person behind that address.

For this reason, it is important to never respond to any e-mail that we receive and that we do not really know who is behind it. This can free us from important security problems and minimize the entry of malware through email.

In short, temporary emails can be used to filter spam. It is possible to block them and we have seen a list of some domains that are very used to send this type of spam that can flood our inbox and we have seen how to block them.

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