All this you save on electricity just by changing a few habits

Save on the electricity bill It is a task that seems more difficult than it really is. If you take certain tips into account, you can see your monthly bill decrease. We are not only talking about energy consumption, but about what you are going to pay for it. You will see that making certain decisions and changing some habits can make you spend much less. In the end, the sum of many small changes can lead to significant savings.

Changing habits to save light

One very important change you can make to save electricity is change rate and have one with time discrimination. That means that you are going to pay more or less depending on the time of day that you use the electricity. You will be able to save a significant amount if, for example, you use the washing machine or the oven in the cheapest hours.

According to the OCU, using electricity during off-peak hours can be around 12 cents cheaper than during peak hours. Making small changes when using household appliances, especially those with the highest consumption, can come in very handy in order to save on your electricity bill.

But of course, you will not always be able to be at home to put the washing machine at the cheapest hours or turn on the dishwasher. What can you do? That is where the home automation. You can use smart plugs to decide when to turn on a particular appliance. That will be a great help to spend less.

Another very interesting change that you can make is to end the phantom consumption. Basically it is all that the devices that you have plugged into the current spend, even if you do not use them frequently. For example, the red LED of the television in Stand By constantly consumes electricity. Same with the microwave clock, the power strips plugged into the light, etc.

Tricks to avoid phantom consumption

But, can we really save something important if we end phantom consumption? It is estimated that it can even reach 10% of the total. This will depend on how you organize your devices, the total consumption of the bill, etc. It is estimated that it can be an average saving of about €4 per month simply with these small adjustments.

Of course, another change you can make in your habits is use Eco programs in household appliances such as the dishwasher or washing machine. You can save up to 40% of the total consumption of these devices. Keep in mind that they are two of the most consuming, so the savings can be significant.

These appliances can consume a very important part when it comes to heating the water. Therefore, when using Eco programs, what you achieve is that they work without heating the water so much. That will make them spend less electricity and you can save money every month.

In short, as you can see, you can save on your electricity bill simply by making a few adjustments. It is very simple and just by avoiding phantom consumption, using the programs of the highest consumption household appliances correctly and adjusting the hours correctly, you can consume much less. If you also use home automation, in case you have a good Wi-Fi connection, that saving can be greater.

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