Amazon knocks down the price of these SSD drives to speed up your PC and NAS server

Do you notice that your computer is slow, takes a long time to turn on or update? Although there are different reasons why this problem can happen, in many cases it is due to using an old hard drive. If you change it to a ssd drive, you will notice that the PC speeds up a lot. Especially, you will notice it when turning on the equipment and updating. You will also see an improvement when copying files, for example. Also, you can use it for a server. We are going to show you some offers interesting on Amazon.

We can say that the SSD drives They have become a widely used option for storage in computers of all kinds. Unlike older disks, they are smaller in size, and they also make your computer work better, faster. As is often the case, these offers only last for a while before reverting to the original price.

SSD drives on sale

A first SSD drive that you can find at a reduced price is this Crucial P3 Plus. It is a storage unit 1TB Gen 4 NVMe M.2, which is 43% faster than the previous Gen 3. It has read speeds of up to 5000 MB per second. You can find it at a really interesting price, with a 61% discount and final cost of €45.99. A good option if you want to change the storage of your computer or expand the space.

If you need more space, another SSD drive that you can find on Amazon at a reduced price is this Crucial P3 Plus, similar to the previous one, but this time with 2TB capacity. It has a read speed of up to 5000 MB/s and a write speed of up to 4200 MB/s, it is NVMe M.2 Gen 4 and offers great performance to make your PC run faster. You can buy it, on sale, for €91.99.

One more SSD disk that you can buy on sale is this WD_Black SN770. In this case, it is a storage unit 1TB NVMe Gen 4 capacity. It offers a read speed of up to 5150 MB per second. It has energy savings, so it is perfect for a laptop, to get the most out of the battery capacity. This device is interesting whether you are looking to change your old drive, or simply need to have one more drive to expand the available space. It has a 15% discount on Amazon and you can buy it for €52.99.

In short, these are some SSD drive options that you can buy at reduced price on Amazon. As we have mentioned, they can be interesting for different reasons, such as changing the computer’s storage and thus having greater speed and taking less time to start or update. They can also be useful for expanding available storage. You can even use them for a server.

It is important that, whenever you go to buy a disk of this type, you buy a unit with guarantees, from a recognized brand and that really assures you that it will work well. At RedesZone we are always looking for quality models. If you need NAS servers, it’s also key to look at what type of drive they use.

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