Amazon opens a robotic logistics center in Murcia that will create 1,200 jobs

The company inaugurated a few days ago its new robotic logistics center in the Murcian municipality of Corvera. Accompanied by the President of the Regional Government of Murcia, Fernando Lopez Miras, the Minister of Business, Employment, Universities and Spokesperson, Valle Miguélez, and the Mayor of Murcia, Jose Antonio Serrano, Fred Pattje, Director of Amazon Customer Fulfillment in France, Italy and Spain, presented the center and took a tour of the facilities.

With more than 160,000 square meters, equivalent to 24 soccer fields, this Amazon Robotics technology-equipped fulfillment center features a wide range of advanced technologies designed to keep all employees safe at work, while allowing Amazon to fulfill its customers. The center will create 1200 permanent jobs over the next three years, allowing the company to increase its capacity and better support independent vendors in the region.

In the words of Fred Pattje, “We are delighted to open this new logistics center in Murcia, a region that has become a strategic point for our operations in the country. It will allow us to respond to growing customer demand, better support independent sellers, and continue to create high-quality jobs. ( “ Amazon will end the year 2021 with 15,000 permanent employees in Spain.

The municipality of Murcia welcomes this logistics center with great satisfaction because it gives us greater visibility, because the name of this land appears linked to one of the companies with greater international projection and also, of course, because it represents an employment niche that is already benefiting many families “, José Antonio Serrano affirmed.

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“The Region of Murcia is already a benchmark in many areas and now we will also be so with this new Amazon robotic logistics center”, Fernando López Miras remarked for his part, to point out that “Receiving a giant of commerce, communication and services like Amazon is great news and if, in addition, only with this center, 1,200 permanent jobs are going to be created in the next three years, it is an opportunity that we could not leave behind. escape”.

Technology focused on employee well-being

Amazon prioritizes the safety of all employees and is constantly looking for ways to further improve security measures at its facilities, in its goal of becoming in the safest workplace in the world. In this sense, the advanced technologies of centers equipped with Amazon Robotics technology, such as this one, aim to support safer ways of working for everyone in the center.

Examples of these technologies are mobile drive units and yellow four-sided racking towers, which assist employees by bringing items closer to them, reducing the amount of travel through the center. The logistics center of Murcia has more than 54,000 racks and 2,895 mobile units, which can lift up to 1500 kg.

In this logistics center in Corvera, have installed robotic palletizers and depalletizers to improve employee experience and well-being by eliminating the need to haul heavy loads, while sorting robots are used to automate repetitive tasks such as lifting, stacking, moving and placing packages, which allows employees to focus on the kind of work robots can’t do.

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