Amazon Prime will increase in price in Spain from September

The price of the Amazon Prime subscription service, will rise strongly in Spain from September 15. The price increase was sung and we already warned about it when the increase in the cost of the service for the United States was announced and we imagined that the same thing would finally happen in all the countries where Amazon operates.

The reasons for the subscription fee change are the same in all regions, the cost increase: “the general and material increase in spending levels due to the increase in inflation that affects the specific costs of the Prime service in Spain and is due to external circumstances that do not depend on Amazon”cites the company.

Although the COVID pandemic lockdowns saw a significant increase in online shopping and Amazon made windfall revenues and profits, it also had to spend additional amounts to meet increased shipments, pay bonuses and raises, and deal with problems. of the supply chain.

New Amazon Prime prices in Spain

From September 15, 2022 the price of new subscriptions will increase as follows:

  • Monthly: from €3.99 to €4.99.
  • Annual: from €36.00 to €49.90.

It is a significant rise, although it should be mentioned that it is the first price increase since August 2018 and since then Amazon has increased both the services related to the products of the electronic commerce platform and the rest that it offers and that have to do with entertainment or storage.

Certainly, the price up to now was a real bargain considering what this service offers:

  • Fast and free shipping on thousands of products.
  • Choice of collection point.
  • Free movies and series on Prime Video.
  • Free unlimited photo storage on Prime Photo.
  • Discounts for pre-ordering video games and other benefits on the Twitch service.
  • Free access to thousands of music tracks on Prime Music.
  • Discounts on additional purchases of multimedia content.
  • Access to Prime Day deals, the best the company has to offer all year.

The new price, depending on the subscribed plan (monthly or annual), will apply to renewals made after September 15, 2022. You can check when your current subscription expires on the Amazon website > My account > My subscription to Amazon Prime and at the time decide to renew or cancel it.

With being a significant price increase in %, in our opinion the subscription to Amazon Prime in Spain remains very attractive to any consumer for the advantages in purchasing products and added services that have not stopped growing. But you decide.

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