Amazon Warehouse says goodbye in Spain: say hello to Amazon Segunda mano

We have news within the famous segment of Amazon Warehouse. As you know, this section was intended until now to house second-hand products, being one of the favorite shelters for many when looking for great bargains on the platform. Well, the company has communicated that Warehouse as such disappears in Spain, thus giving way to Amazon Second hand. Does anything change in your offer? How do you access this new section? We clarify everything for you.

A name change and little else

Amazon has issued a statement to all its customers – it is likely that you also have the notice in your email inbox – in which it indicates that Warehouse is saying goodbye in our country. The reason is that despite offering a large number of offers that users take advantage of, the brand name continued to without being “clear” for the Spanish public. This has led the company, “after listening” to customers, to look for a new name that offers a better experience without misunderstandings.

that’s how it’s born amazon second hand -in this writing we wonder how you missed the opportunity to call it amazon trail-, which promises to continue offering great offers both used and second-hand items (you know that in this section you can find everything from products that have simply been opened to others that have needed repair and have been put back on point for sale). In all cases, what the user gets is a good discount, saving this is the case with respect to its new “package” version.

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In second hand you can continue benefiting you of the same return process, legal guarantee period, benefits for being a Prime customer and usual customer service.

How to access Amazon Second Hand offers

Access to the Warehouse has never been particularly clear, and that hasn’t changed with Second Hand. Going directly to the Amazon website you will not see it at first glance, so it is best to follow the following link that takes you directly to the section:

Products will continue to be classified under the criteria (Like New, Very Good, Good, and Fair), as well as find those that have been repaired by Apple Support and work and look like new.

And the categories they are still the same as always. You can find discounted products in the Electronics & Photos, Computers, Sports and outdoors section and even Shoes and accessories. The truth is that if you look carefully you can find very good discounts that help you save significant amounts of money depending on the product and its classification, in some cases with discounts of 50% or even more. It is also a fantastic solution for those who believe in the circular economy and bet on the second hand before continuing to generate so much polluting footprint with new productions.

Here are some examples to give you an idea of ​​the products you can find:

  • The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – In state “Very good» (indicate that the original packaging is damaged) for 55.71 euros (instead of the 59.90 euros for a label that is currently posted on Amazon).
  • Cecotec Fryer without Oil 7.6 L – One of the star products of any self-respecting kitchen is the air fryer and it is from Cecotec in good condition «Very good»It stays at 101.37 euros -its official price is 119.90 euros.
  • Book «How (not) I wrote our history» – Instead of the 18.90 euros that it costs new right now, you can buy it in state “Acceptable” for 14.18 euros.

What are you waiting for to find your bargain?

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