AMD does not abandon socket AM4 and will launch this new processor

For now they are only rumors and leaks, although everything indicates that the information that has come out is true. But it will have to be the company that pronounces itself on the matter to confirm or deny this data.

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X3D

This would be the possible name of the company’s next processor. I would have a configuration of 6 cores and 12 threads as well as technology 3D V-Cache. All this for gaming, how could it be otherwise in recent months.

amd leak tweet

As for your clock speed, it is expected to be from 3.3GHz at its base, up to 4.4GHz top, something that makes us understand that it will be the younger sister of the 5800X3D, since its speeds are lower.

Its 1MB L2 cache will also be less than the 5800X3D’s 3MB. However, the L3 would include the 3D V cache, which would be the same size on both sides, 96 MB.

A product code that we do not know about from AMD has been leaked, this would be 00-00001176, and although it is not confirmed, everything indicates that it would be this new processor.

5600x3D clock speed

For now we have to wait for confirmation from the company, although as a general rule, this type of leak and data ends up being true. If so, we would have a new AM4 processor of a lower range than what we are used to at this time, therefore we assume that its price will be the strong point of the product, and they will look for something competitive for users who are not very demanding and who can afford it.

At this moment, the 5800X3D can be found at a price of around €330 in PC Components, which gives us room for the imagination that the new model, which will supposedly be the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X3D, should be launched for less than €300. €, even for about €250. If not, due to the difference, I doubt that anyone will acquire it with inferior characteristics to the previous one.

amd ryzen processor

We will see what the company surprises us with, and if there is something that escapes us. We will be attentive to future news or pronunciations of AMD to be able to offer you all the data that comes to us.

For now we can continue enjoying the previous version, since as long as a more powerful version does not arrive, we are calm. In the end, this model does not bring new technologies or features, it would only be intended for people with a low budget who are looking for a decent processor to be able to play without the need for something very professional. Of course, we cannot detract from it, 6 cores and 12 threads at 3.3GHz is something that years ago we could not even dream of. I’m sure many of you reading this would love to have it. Therefore, it must be taken into account that although it is not the most pro of its range, it is one of the best that we could find on the market.

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