Android TV 12 is revealed a little more a few months before the release

In a blog post, developer Paul Lammertsma gives us more details about the next big Android TV update. On the program: 4K display on the entire interface, selection of the refresh rate and modification of the text size. Android TV 12 will be rolled out later this year, with no specific date yet.

Credits: Google

It has been several months sinceAndroid TV 12 made talk about him, and we are entitled today has new information concerning the update. Last December, Google announced the big news that will arrive with the new version of its operating system. In a blog post posted recently, developer Paul Lammertsma looks back at these upcoming features and adds a few more to the list.

As we already knew, compatible televisions will thus make it possible to select refresh rate at will. Thus, it will be possible to choose between 24 Hz, 25 Hz, and 30 Hz. In this way, users will be able to adapt the setting according to the content viewed to enjoy a better experience. In addition, Paul Lammertsma specifies that it will be possible to configure 48 Hz on 24 Hz content for smoother viewing.

Google says more about Android TV 12

Google is also improving its accessibility options by taking into account users with vision problems. Android TV 12 will thus allow adjust text size at their convenience with different options like small, default and large. No more reading information that is too small or having to get closer to your screen to not miss anything.

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Finally, the Mountain View company is also thinking of owners of 4K televisions by improving the resolution of its interface. All elements of the operating system will be displayed in Ultra HD in order to reduce the gap between the menus of the OS and the content broadcast. Paul Lammertsma does not specify the release date of Android TV 12 but assures that the update will be available “early this year”.

Source: Paul Lammertsma

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