Another spectacular Apple Store is being built in Toronto

How does he like Manzana “Chulear” of economic power by building the most spectacular stores in all the great capitals of the planet. The company does not need to “attract” its customers with Stores that attract attention. Whoever enters an Apple Store, already knows what they want.

But you still want your brand to reflect luxury and quality in your stores. It is clear that when you enter one of them, you know that you are in a very special store. A couple of weeks ago the company opened a spectacular Store in en Tower Theater from Los Angeles, and now he’s finishing another one in Toronto that will also be spectacular. Powerful gentleman, Mr. Money …

Apple does not cease in its intention to open new physical stores around the world, although the trend is that each time its customers buy via online, especially forced due to the happy COVID-19 pandemic. You are now building a new store in Toronto, Ontario.

A new Apple Store in Toronto, Ontario

This new Apple Store is beginning to take shape as the workers who are building it are in full installation of the glass panels in the front of the store.

In May, the construction of a new Apple flagship store began in Toronto, Ontario, which will occupy the first three floors of the skyscraper “The One at Yonge and Bloor.” This past Monday the glass fronts of the store’s facade began to be installed.

As you can see from the scale of the photo, the panels are absolutely huge, with a height of approximately 10 meters. Apple has not officially confirmed the location of this store, but it is known “unofficially” that this work will be a new Apple Store.

the new store will be located on the first three floors of the tower «The One»In downtown Toronto. The store still has a lot of work to do, and it likely won’t open in time for Apple’s rumored iPhone 13 launch, presumably in September.

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