Another novelty of the new Apple Watch leaked, good or bad?

Bigger screens for the new Watch

Currently the Apple Watch have sizes of 40 and 44 mm, which changed a few years ago when going from Series 3 to Series 4 38 and 42 mm were abandoned (although the new and old sizes are equivalent). Now an alleged leaker stated on his Weibo account that the new watches of this 2021 would incorporate sizes of 41 and 45 mm.

We say alleged leaker because there is no conclusive evidence that he has direct sources with Apple, although the truth is that his claim does not sound too far-fetched. Considering that it will be the Apple Watch’s first major design change since its launch, it is even predictable. We remember that according to other leaks, the watches would now incorporate a design with straight edges with a screen that uses up much more space, which is why the screen will increase in size.

Why can it be bad news?

Anyone who has never bought an Apple Watch and is interested in it, may be totally indifferent to the sizes they have. However, those who already have straps older generations may encounter a problem with incompatibility preventing you from using your current straps on the new Apple Watch.

As neither the size change nor the compatibility is confirmed, this is pure conjecture at this time. It must also be said that the increase in sizes does not have to change this, since when we went from Series 3 to Series 4 there was no problem. Therefore we must contemplate all the possibilities.

Apple Watch Straps

Will this watch hold any other surprises?

Without leaving the leaks that have occurred these months, we can see that the main change would come in the design. Currently very disadvantaged aspects will also be improved, such as the battery, also caused by the increase in size inside the watch. However, there is no rumored feature that can make this watch a big leap on a functional level from the Series 6.

There are many patents and indications that Apple is working on health improvements for future watches. Some of them could be very revolutionary, although none of them are expected this year. In any case, since there is nothing official, who knows if the Californian company awaits an unexpected surprise for this Apple Watch. If it finally ends up being its presentation in September, something that seems to happen except for a capital surprise, we would be a few weeks away from leaving doubts.

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