Apple CEO Tim Cook questions Android security practices

AndroidIt is the most used system in the world, millions of devices access the internet daily, and social networks, with its help. However, it is not the only proposal on the market, since there are also a large number of computers with iOS, Apple’s official operating system.

Each system has its own pros and cons, in the case of Manzana It is almost impossible to install unofficial applications on iOS devices, while on Android people can install any APK without any restriction, it is enough to indicate that the user is the one who is doing this procedure to begin the installation.

The difference in thinking lies in many respects, in the case of Android Since its inception it was designed as a free access system, while in iOS it is the opposite, it has focused its attention on being a restrictive system. This, among other things, has resulted in iOS being considered a more secure but less customizable system.

Tim Cook, for or against?

Recently, the Apple CEO Tim Cook decided to speak about it, in his statement he opened a debate about this process, known as sideloading, questioning whether or not users should be allowed to do it since the security of the device may be compromised.

During the DealBook Online Summit, Tim Cook questioned this activity, even came to exemplify through a direct comparison with cars, saying that it is as if the manufacturer decided not to place seat belts and airbags.

Under this comparison, many people began to comment on the security of their devices, both Android and iOS, even Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering at Apple, I reiterate that it is thanks to these practices that there are malware.

The apple company implements a system to prevent malware from accessing the device, called App tracking transparency, where application by application is reviewed, in the case of Windows or Mac OS, despite having filters to prevent installation.


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