Apple Music removes other apps from iPhone dock during installation

A number of iOS 15 users have noticed that the Apple Music app installs directly to the iPhone dock instead of the home screen when downloaded, while chasing others applications to take their place in the dock.

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As revealed by iOS developer Kevin Archer in a video posted on Twitter, it seems that Apple Music has a rather strange behavior once installed on iPhones. In effect, after being installed, the application would automatically position itself in the dock of the iPhone, forcibly taking the place of another application. In his video, Apple Music, for example, removes Spotify from the iPhone dock during installation.

One might then think thatApple makes sure to favor Apple Music over other music apps, but it looks like Apple Music takes the place of any other app in the dock once installed.

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Apple announces that it is a bug, but can we really believe it?

Apple quickly reacted to this controversy with our American colleagues, claiming that this is a bug and that the company is fixing it. This wouldn’t be iOS 15’s first bug, as the update had already caused iPhone battery life to plummet, and another Siri bug allowed Apple to spy on all users. The problem is that the company’s past raises some questions.

In recent years, Apple has been in the limelight when it comes to antitrust and monopolistic practices. The company is heavily criticized and even sued for its guidelines that hinder fair competition. Indeed, Apple has already been accused of favoring its own apps over third-party apps, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see the company continue to push its services.

Nevertheless, since different people get different results, it can be assumed that these unusual behaviors are just Bugs Apple Didn’t Fix When It Started Allowing Users to Delete System Apps. Anyway, this new problem could well lead Apple to a new lawsuit for unfair competition.

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