Apple prepares CarKey integration with Genesis vehicles

Not too long ago we talked about Apple’s integration with vehicles like BMW. Especially when it comes to the integration with CarKey. That said, we must echo the proactivity of the American company to expand to more brands. On this occasion it is known that work is being done so that this compatibility hit Genesis vehicles. The luxury vehicles of the Hyundai brand.

Apple could soon introduce the integration of CarKey digital keys for Hyundai Genesis luxury vehicles. This will give an image of the importance that Apple gives to this feature. Not only will BMW have this functionality but it wants to expand to other new brands. Little by little it will be integrated into our lives and we assume that it intends to be like CarPlay. At first it seemed like a utopia but now there is no car model that does not offer or support it.

We know that Genesis debuted digital key functionality for Android phones on its 2021 GV80 and G80 models. A variation of the technology compatible with Apple’s protocol was said to be in the works earlier this year. Now the code discovered in an iOS 15 configuration file that covers Apple Pay’s NFC capabilities now references Genesis as a “partner” for compatible car access terminals. Previously, BMW was the only manufacturer listed in the section.

Neither Genesis nor Hyundai have yet announced pending CarKey support. It is not official but we do not think it takes too long to announce it, since it is a functionality that although some do not want to admit it, raises the cache of the vehicle (hopefully not the price). Soon, Genesis owners will be able to open the vehicle doors with their Smartphone or Apple Watch.

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