When Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, was able to become president of the United States.

Cook’s close relationship with politics

The relationship of Apple as a company or Tim Cook as CEO in particular, has been very striking lately. The Californian company was one of the great harmed by the tariff policy proposed by former President Donald Trump for imports from China. This even involved the occasional confrontation between the Republican and Cook.

For the memory will remain when Trump mistakenly called “Tim Apple” to Cook, a fact that the Alabamian was taken with humor, changing his name on Twitter to put the one that the president had awarded him. But beyond these anecdotes, it is not lost on anyone that Apple and its CEO weren’t entirely comfortable with Trump in the White House.

The low social conscience that Trump was accused of with respect to groups such as the LGTBI wave fight against climate change they completely moved away the postures. If Apple’s corporate social responsibility has been characterized by something since Cook took command, it is precisely its support for the most vulnerable groups or its environmental commitment. Therefore, in a climate of tension like the one that was lived only a year and a half ago, there were those who pointed out that Cook was considering being a candidate.

Tim Cook is a very beloved character in the country and even more so when he is the one in charge of one of the most valuable companies in the world, which is also native. Several American political analysts even speculated that some heavyweights in the Democratic Party had tried to strengthen ties with Cook to test his position on a possible candidacy for the party’s primaries. To this day we do not know if there were such contacts or if they were merely speculations, since Tim Cook never commented on it.

Could have been Hillary Clinton’s vice president

While in the middle of an electoral race in 2016, Hillary Clinton faced Donald Trump for the presidency. At the time WikiLeaks leaked multiple emails of the one who was first lady with Bill Clinton and among them were the names that the campaign team was shuffling to find a candidate for vice president. Among those names we could find CEOs of large companies and recognizable characters such as Bill Gates, but Tim Cook was especially striking.

tim cook and hillary clinton

Finally it was another Tim who was chosen to be a candidate for vice president with Clinton, Tim kaine. After that, Clinton won the popular vote in the elections, although he did not manage to win in the key states and that made Donald Trump rise with the victory. We do not know if Cook’s presence in the bid would have changed things, but it would certainly have been remarkable, especially considering the position Apple was in.

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