Apple reveals more details about iOS 17 and its services

The new thing that Maps brings

One of the great novelties that they announced at WWDC was the possibility of using the Maps application without an internet connection, in order to continue locating ourselves, by downloading areas that we select ourselves. They briefly mentioned this feature in the keynote, however, here We can already see the first details of the interface:

  • The method of transport that we are going to use
  • Start point
  • the point of arrival
  • The ability to add stops along the way
  • The time it will take to arrive

ios 17 maps

The novelty does not only remain in the possibility of seeing locations without connection. But also, now people who have an electric car will be able to consult, in real time, the charging stations and points that is around In addition to being able to consult the data related to these.

What’s new in Apple Music

The Music app also includes new features. The first of them Collaborative Playlists. This option allows you to create playlists shared with friends and family whom we invite to participate in them. Everyone on these lists must be an Apple Music subscriber.

ios 17 music

Shared music also improves in the car. And now we are going to be able to use share play on board from a vehicle that is connected to iPhone via CarPlay. The best thing about this function is that it is not necessary to have an active Apple Music subscription, since we are going to be part of a shared playback session.

And from the car, to the big screen. The interaction between the iPhone and Apple TV also reaches Apple Music, thanks to the Continuity Camera function. And it is that now, the karaoke function now allows us to focus and, along with the lyrics, we ourselves are going to be part of the stage.

Apple Podcasts is more integrated with Apple Music

One of the great novelties of the application is that now we will be able to listen to Apple Music radio shows, but in Podcasts. In this way, we will have a new content center, and it will no longer be necessary to open the Music application if we want to listen to a program from one of the service stations again.

ios 17 podcast

But this app lives not only from this service, but now we can also subscribe to other applications and services that also have content, and associate them with Podcasts, in order to have in one place, all content providers that we want

Apple Fitness+ also improves

The guided training service now incorporates new tools in iOS 17. Personalized Plans allow us to have training sessions available, based on factors and parameters that we ourselves will be able to customize. To train more effectively, Groups allows you to select a series of workouts to be able to reproduce them continuously.

ios 17 fitness+

In addition, thanks to this new option, we can also save all the training videos in our library, to play them again whenever we want.

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