Apple will expand horizons in 2022: Its goal is augmented reality, and prepares a kit as powerful as a Mac

Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the most important analysts in the Apple universe, has recently commented that he is convinced that the apple company wants to make the leap, as soon as possible, to the augmented reality sector, and that it has prepared a new kit compatible with said technology that will have the same power as a Mac. Sounds good right? We are going to delve into this topic to better understand everything that would be behind this new kit.

According to this analyst, the presentation of Apple’s new augmented reality kit will take place taking advantage of the scene of WWDC 2022, and its launch would take place at the end of 2022, probably during the event dedicated to the new iPhones, which will take place in September of that year, although it is possible that Apple prefers to hold an independent and exclusive event to promote said kit.

Regarding its possible design, we still do not have anything sure to grasp, but taking into account the importance that this has in Apple products, we imagine that the company will take special care to get something “sexy”. At the hardware level, new information has emerged, and the truth is that what we have seen so far is very interesting.

In theory, that new augmented reality kit would have a main processor that it would be as powerful as the one used by the Apple M1 SoC, which means that said chip would come with an 8-core configuration and that, probably, these will be divided into two blocks, one with four high-performance cores and another with four high-efficiency cores. If this is confirmed, it will be as powerful as a Mac. This chip will be supported by a less powerful co-processor that will take care of working with all the data collected by the sensors of the augmented reality kit.

We do not have details about the GPU, but it is said that this new augmented reality kit will come with two OLED screens with 4K resolution manufactured by Sony. If this is true, it is clear that a very powerful graphics unit will be needed to power them. We will be attentive to see how this project evolves, not only because it is one of the most important for Apple, but also because could mark a turning point in the sector to which it is directed.

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