Climate crisis will cause disastrous rains in Greenland for decades to come

Greenlandia, one of the places where the cold never stops, had an event that left everyone surprised. Then instead of snowing, it rained due to the high temperatures that are experienced in the northern hemisphere; Furthermore, a new study argues that this will be normal in four to five decades. The rains came in August, but their investigation recently ended.

The analysis, published in the journal Nature Communications, predicts that there will be more rainfall in the Arctic between 2060 and 2070, as part of the climate crisis, which will raise temperatures in that region. Michelle McCrystall, lead author of the study and climate researcher at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, He assured that the forecasts showed that this phenomenon would not occur until 2100.

Why will it rain more in Greenland?

The heavy rains are due to the loss of sea ice, which keeps the temperature cold, and that also translates into more evaporation, which prepares the atmosphere for a more humid Arctic. But that’s not the worst, well there will be a global rise in sea level.

“Things that happen in the Arctic do not stay specifically in the Arctic. The fact that there may be an increase in emissions from melting permafrost or a rise in global sea level is a global problem and needs a global response.” McCrystall said.

An analysis by Climate Action Tracker argues thate human activities will cause an increase of 2.7 degrees Celsius of warming on average worldwide; with an increase of 3 degrees most areas of the Arctic will shift to a regime dominated by rains.

The scientific community has agreed that the burning of fossil fuels has caused Greenland to melt in the last two decades; Furthermore, an analysis published in the journal Cryosphere argues that Earth has lost 28 trillion tons of ice since 1990, much of which comes from the Arctic, including the Greenland ice sheet.


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