Apple’s 140W charger uses GaN technology

Surely many of you, seeing such power in the charger of the new 16-inch MacBook Pro, put your hands on your head. These 140W of power that the new 16-inch MacBook Pros have (since the 14-inch ones add the 96W charger) are susceptible to heat up much as it happens with other chargers of the same or higher power. Thus Apple implements gallium nitride, or also known as GaN, in this specific model.

But what exactly is GaN?

Well, for those who do not know, gallium nitride, or GaN, is a material that is beginning to be used in the semiconductors of chargers to reduce the temperature they produce when they charge. This material also serves to reduce the space inside the chargers, bringing the components together more without fear that they “overheat” and could get burned. With 140W of power it is normal for the heat to increase considerably while charging and using the equipment, which is why Apple uses this material in these powerful chargers.

By cons and as we read in The Verge the company does not implement this type of material in the 67W and 96W USB-C chargers of the other MacBook Pro models introduced last Monday. This means in principle that they have not seen necessary its implementation. This 140W USB C charger can be purchased independently on the Apple website for 105 euros. In the market we find interesting alternatives and perhaps with a price somewhat lower than this and it is not an economic charger that we say, but for those who want the original from Apple, there you have it.

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