Apple’s secret plans with its VR headsets

There are many rumors that have emerged in recent years about a Apple’s new virtual reality headset. In fact, analysts such as Ming-Chi Kuo, Mark Gurman or Jon Prosser have even ventured to draw an outline of Apple’s plans with this device. And all this, added to a recent leak in which it was revealed realityOS as a possible name of its operating system, they make us see that it is closer than ever.

Of these helmets it is said that will be priced higher than the competition and that they will be one hundred percent focused on virtual reality (VR), leaving aside (for now) augmented reality. Beyond that, few things are known precisely about them, since there is not even an idea about their design, always relying on 3D concepts to illustrate them and what some company patents reveal.

Possible preview at WWDC 2022 in June

This coming June, as happens every year, Apple will hold a special conference dedicated to developers in the environment of the WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference). The inaugural event will serve to present iOS 16, macOS 13 and company. Well, precisely in this one could already see the first signs of their VR helmets, be it the product itself together with its realityOS operating system or simply the system.

Yes indeed, would not imply an immediate release. And it is that, regardless of the development phase of the device, Apple ultimately requires that application developers have all the information about this system on the table in order to create tools for it. It happened when the iPhone or Apple Watch was launched, both of which took months to officially reach the hands of the public.

Therefore, the sale of these helmets would not start until end of the year or beginning of 2023. Several sources close to the supply chain have commented that Apple could face production delays, bringing them closer to next year. Be that as it may, it seems increasingly clear that this year we will have news about this unprecedented product from the Californian brand.

AR glasses would go another way

We cannot (and should not) confuse virtual reality (VR) with augmented reality (AR). Precisely in relation to this second it seems that Apple was more advanced, having made numerous advances in these years and even integrating sensors such as LiDAR in iPhone and iPad. Sensors that still seem meaningless, but could gain ground when the company presents its AR glasses.

And yes, these glasses would be independent of the hull which we have been talking about. According to Mark Gurman, a renowned Bloomberg analyst, Apple intends that the helmets serve as a trial balloon to test a market still unknown to them and, later, finalize the development of their glasses and make it their next revolutionary device. Or so they should think in Cupertino, since there are those who say that it will be so powerful that it will end up replacing the iPhone in 10 years.

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