Applications for Galp Upcoming Energies open, until September 10

The second edition of Startup the Future has already opened the period for submitting applications for the innovation contest, Galp Upcoming Energies. Until September 10, startups and scale-ups from all countries interested in participating, face the challenge of presenting solutions that allow accelerating the energy transition.

Candidate startups can choose one of the five categories to apply to the program:

  • Data management: solutions that provide greater flexibility and reliability to the supply of renewable energy, allowing a successful transition.
  • Scale energy storage systems and environmental processes: ideas to reduce the impact of business operations and hardware solutions that enable the transition to more sustainable energy systems.
  • Decarbonization and optimization of the industry: module focused on industrial efficiency, system monitoring, heat decarbonization and consumer-oriented battery solutions.
  • Energy for all: fight against energy poverty and facilitate access to energy for less developed communities.
  • Take advantage of Electric Mobility: In collaboration with the BMW Group, this module seeks to accelerate solutions and services that promote electric mobility and fleet optimization.

The winning startups will be able to develop your project with Galp, through its business units and innovation teams. The energy company will fully finance the start-up of the pilot program of the selected solutions -in Portugal, Spain, Brazil and/or Mozambique-, will introduce the entrepreneurs to its Corporate Venture Capital team and will also offer a passport for the Web Summit 2023.

Startup the Future is an initiative of Upcoming Energies, the open innovation platform where transformation agents meet with whom Galp intends to co-create the net zero future. Upcoming Energies accumulates a total of 31 previous calls through which Galp has had contact with 426 startups/projects with a total of 4,118 participants.

The Startup the Future international innovation contest has captured the attention of entrepreneurs from all over the world. in 2022 received more than 200 applications from 54 countries.

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