Are you cheated on, or exploited, at work? Know all the details of your contract online

In these times, finding a new job is surely a joy for most, especially if we have been looking for a while. But once we have overcome all the obstacles that we have faced, the time has come to sign our new contract.

It is advisable to read carefully all the points related to it so as not to surprise us in the future. At the same time this is something that we should have already done if we signed this contract a long time ago. With everything and with it in the event that we have doubts about our contract, we can always only ask the company for which we work. But sometimes this can become a somewhat uncomfortable task that many are not willing to take risks.

And it can be the case that the business employer does not see it favorably, something that, of course, should not be the case, that we ask for our contract to review it. It is precisely for all this that we are going to give you a very interesting alternative solution below. Specifically, and to avoid being deceived with the contract we have signed at work, we are going to see all its details and consult it comfortably from home.

At this point it is important to know that we are going to achieve all this through the page itself. SEPE official website. We are only going to need to have some digital authentication method like the ones that we will mention later and thus obtain this valuable information.

Take a look at your employment contract quickly

Therefore, for all this that we are discussing and without having to request the contract from the company in which we work, all we have to do is start our favorite web browser on the PC. Next, we will have to access the official SEPE website for these tasks that we are discussing. Here we find a summary of what we are going to carry out and we only have to click on the link that says Access to the application.

At that moment is when we will have to digitally identify ourselves with one of the methods compatible with this website. For example, we can make use of the system Cl@ve Permanent, through a digital certificate or using the electronic ID. Once we have identified ourselves digitally, we will be able to establish certain parameters for the search we are carrying out now.

In this way we will have the possibility of locating the signed contracts just by entering the CIF of the corresponding company that interests us. We can also filter by the dates on which we want to make the queryor by the type of contract.

SEPE contract

Thanks to all these filters, we will have the possibility to consult both the contract that we currently have signed, and those that we had in the past. Obviously all of this both to the current company and to others with whom we previously worked and who also want to see the terms that we had at the time. This will be very useful for both new contracts and those that we had in force, yes, from the year 1997. The previous ones are not available on this platform.

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