Attention: These Prime Day products are cheaper than yesterday

Be careful because the following list of products that we leave you below have received a higher discount compared to what they offered yesterday, so if you bought any of these products or were thinking about it, today you can buy it cheaper, since the manufacturer has decided to squeeze a little more on the price now that Prime Day is hours away.

Netatmo products for the smart home

The products that have dropped in price are from netatmo, and allow you to enjoy many intelligent solutions with which to control household elements such as the boiler, the radiator, or to know the weather status. All these products are known for their excellent quality, and have excellent compatibility with iOS, Android and the different voice assistants.

Wi-Fi Thermostatic Valve

Netatmo Prime Day

This small valve with wireless connection allows you to have control of your radiator, being able to adjust the pressure of the valve from your mobile phone or with the help of a voice assistant. So you can control the temperature of the different rooms by regulating the flow of hot water that circulates through the radiator.

With a 42% discount, it comes with a price of 52.15 euros, being a great option for those who have radiators at home and need a solution to automate them.

Offer for 52.15 euros.

Smart Wifi Thermostat

Netatmo Prime Day

A perfect accessory to accompany the wireless valve is this thermostat with a WiFi connection that will control the temperature of the room to order the boiler valve to open more or less the flow of hot water. It is capable of detecting open windows and is responsible for monitoring consumption to find the greatest energy savings at home.

Offer for 105.35 euros.

Wireless Weather Station

Netatmo Prime Day

One of the best known products of the brand. It is a weather station that has a sensor that can be placed indoors and outdoors, and thus be able to keep track of temperature, humidity, and air quality at all times. It also has sensors with which to know the level of interior noise and the barometric pressure, so we are talking about a very complete station that can also be improved with accessories such as an anemometer or a rain gauge.

Offer for 112 euros.

additional module

Netatmo Prime Day

It is an extra module that you can connect to the brand’s weather station and thus be able to control another room or simply place it outside if you already had one inside the home.

Offer for 47.40 euros.

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