Bargain Kindle: Amazon’s e-readers on sale (almost) at the lowest price

Kindle: the simplest at the best price

When it comes to buying a Kindle, many people are the ones who opt for the Kindle “just.” It is the simplest model of the firm, a perfect proposal for the vast majority in which to store a large number of books and read them when and where you want.

The equipment, with a light body and very handy, has a 6 inch screen with a resolution of 167 dpi that guarantees the total absence of reflections so that you have the feeling of reading a paper even when you are in the sun. If, on the other hand, you are in a place with poor visibility, you can always use its integrated light (by 4 LEDs), with which to continue reading without interruptions.

It has 8 GB of storage, a single charge offers weeks of autonomy and enjoy connectivity Wifi -through which you can connect to the Amazon store and download whatever you want (remember that if you have Prime you have access to a good number of titles free).

You can buy the Kindle in black or white, for a price now of 69.99 euros (It is a good reduction of 20 euros compared to its official price). And if you are interested, you have at hand, for the same price, the Kindle Unlimited promotion for 3 months free – then you just have to unsubscribe before they go to charge you and that’s it.

Paperwhite: unbeatable quality / price

In case you are looking for something a little more complete, your model is the Paperwhite. This model adjusts its nuts a bit to offer a screen (the same size, 6 inches) with better resolution (300 dpi) and with a more powerful illumination, 5 LEDs.

In addition, this model has a more current design, with a front without borders, and is waterproof (It has IPX8 certification), so it becomes the perfect option if you like to read on the beach, in the pool or even in the bathtub at home – hey, better prevent accidents.

Kindle Paperwhite

Needless to say, the autonomy is still as good as its brother and offers the same transport comfort as the basic Kindle. Likewise, its WiFi connectivity allows access to electronic books easily and quickly.

The cost of the Kindle Paperwhite is at 104.99 euros, which is a discount of 25 euros, which never hurts. Like the Kindle “just”, it can also be purchased with the three-month free Unlimited promotion.

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