Beware of SMS scams, Free breaks down more than other operators, this is the recap of the week

The government warns you against the different techniques of hackers, ZoneADSL reveals which operator breaks down most often in France, many users are victims of a malfunction of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 screen, this is the recap ‘ of the week.

If you are the owner of a Galaxy Z Fold 3, unfortunately expect your screen to crack eventually. While the government warns the French against all the new scam campaigns of the moment, ZoneADSL reveals that it is the Free operator which records the highest number of breakdowns in 2022 and Cloudfare denounces the repercussions of the blocking of pirate sites on legal sites.

A new SMS scam campaign

The government has published a ticket to warn the French against new scam campaigns that are currently rampant. Indeed, the list of current scams is long. You will therefore have to be wary of fraudulent SMS, but also fake fuel allowances, false fine payments or even express orders for Crit’Air stickers. We therefore recommend that you be particularly vigilant!

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The Z Fold 3 screen cracks… just after the end of the warranty

According to many testimonials, the screen of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 would have a big problem. Indeed, several users have explained that they saw their screen crack, while their smartphone had not suffered any fall. Importantly, most Galaxy Z Fold 3 owners report that their screen problem appeared right after the warranty expired. It remains to be seen whether Samsung has something to do with this malfunction…

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Get Rid of Windows 11 Watermark

All systems can now migrate to Windows 11, even if they do not meet all the hardware requirements, since the update can be forced. However, Microsoft fights against this approach by imposing an unobtrusive watermark that appears at the bottom of your screen. If you are concerned, go to our dedicated news to find out how to get rid of this ugly watermark.

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The watermark is displayed at the bottom right of the screen on Windows 11. Credits – Windows Latest

Which operator to choose if you want to avoid breakdowns?

Are you looking for your future operator but would like to avoid breakdowns? The ZoneADSL tool has unveiled its referencing of breakdowns that occurred last year on the various Internet and mobile networks of the four main operators in France. According to the results, it is Free which would have suffered the greatest number of outages in 2022, ahead of SFR which is in second position, followed by Bouygues Telecom and Orange.

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The fight against pirate streaming also affects innocent sites

The fight of copyright protection organizations continues against pirate streaming. Unfortunately, as the company Cloudfare points out and laments, blocking pirate IPTV can harm many innocent services. Indeed, some perfectly legal sites are sometimes inadvertently blocked and nothing obliges the rights holders or the ISPs to repair the harm caused to them.

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Our tests of the week

Asus ROG Zephyrus M16: a laptop that could appeal to gamers

Demanding gamers might be particularly tempted by the ROG Zephyrus M16. Asus offers here a monster of power. We love its QHD+ 240Hz screen, its 1080p webcam and its keyboard, which is very pleasant to type. During our test, we were disappointed by the autonomy, which is average for a gaming PC, and by the fans, which were too noisy in game.

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The Find N2 Flip finally arrives in France

Oppo finally releases its Find N2 Flip, a folding smartphone with an elegant design, equipped with two quality screens and offering much better autonomy than the competition. If its selfie sensor is up to par, the general photo part is average and we regret the absence of optical stabilizer on the main sensor. Please note that the Find N2 Find only has IPx4 certification.

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Pharaoh A New Era: a modern remake of the famous game Pharaoh

If you know the famous city-builder Pharaoh, you might love the remake of the cult game, Pharaoh a New Era. The game was released on February 15 and now you can experience this excellent remake on PC. The Breton developer Triskell Interactive has particularly focused on the graphic part of the game and it is a success. This new title should delight fans but could also appeal to new players.

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