Beware of TeamViewer: you get banned even if you use it privately

In large part thanks to internet connections of which we have at the moment, remote work in one way or another does not stop growing. For all this we can use a multitude of applications and platforms that are very helpful and offer us all the necessary functions. For example, this is the case of TeamViewer, a powerful program that we want to focus on next.

Many of you may already know first-hand that this is a program that helps us connect to other computers remotely. Initially TeamViewer can be very helpful for both home and professional users. The former can use it to solve problems on the computer of their friends or family. In addition, companies often use this platform when providing maintenance services for its clients.

Remote Desktop Program Operating Modes

However, despite the enormous usefulness and security of TeamViewer, this is not a perfect program, as is the case with most of the software solutions we use today. The first thing to consider is that TeamViewer It basically has two modes of operation, one personal and one commercial.

As is usual, the first of the modalities focuses on a private use that allows us to benefit from the program fully free. On the other hand, we find its commercial use, which, of course, is already paid, more focused on small and medium-sized companies. However, sometimes we can find certain problems like the ones we are going to mention below.

In particular, it may be the case that some users cannot use TeamViewer privately as they would like.

TeamViewer blocks personal use mode for some

We tell you all this because some are currently reporting mistakes of use when working with the program in private or personal mode. To give us a more concrete idea, they are checking how the platform blocks their personal use when they connect under CG-NAT. Broadly speaking, this is a technology through which the operator saves the usual public IP. Thus it is achieved that the same public IP address is shared with many users of the same operator.

Well, some who are currently connecting to the internet under CG-NAT, suffering certain crashes when using the commented program. In fact, TeamViewer blocks your connections by making use of the private or personal mode. This means that the program understands that we are making commercial use of it, so it bans us and does not allow us to connect remotely. As you can imagine, this can become a serious inconvenience for some, especially when it is totally false that TeamViewer is being used commercially.

In short, and for us to understand each other, if you use CG-NAT on your internet connection, the remote desktop program can block the version for personal use. There is no doubt that this is a major drawback for those who make regular use of this program. In addition, all this is aggravated if we take into consideration that the Connection under CG-NAT is carried out by the operator.

But this is not always the case. There are also people, like Sergio, without CG-NAT, who are being affected by bans when using this program.

Even sending a letter with the evidence demonstrating non-commercial use, these users are still banned and unable to use TeamViewer. Another similar case is the one that happens to another user exactly the same. The solution? The typical one is to opt for an alternative that does not mistreat its users in this way.

Therefore, if this bug spreads, the best we can do is find another alternative program that works like remote Desktop.

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