BizzyFlex, new service for more flexible business trips

The flexibility It is one of the main characteristics that anyone looks for in a service, since day-to-day unforeseen events can disrupt any previously scheduled trip. Having a platform that guarantees you a adaptation to your itinerary and routine is key to prevent extra costs, readjust the time and even guarantee the possibility of changing the date of the trip without an increase in the budget.

Aware of all this and of the concern to offer a flexible service adapted to the needs of users, BizAway launches bizzyflex, a new service with which to meet the needs of its clients who demand increasingly flexible corporate trips. “This new service adds an important element to the services offered by our platform”says Luca Carlucci, CEO and Co-Founder of BizAway.

“The ability to cancel any reservation at any time by clicking a button, without having to provide any justification and immediately receiving 80% of the refund is truly revolutionary for our clients. The BizzyFlex proposal born from the continuous innovation that has always distinguished our reality, as well as active and daily listening to the requests of our clients who, with an increase of 38% compared to pre-pandemic levels, demand increasingly flexible rates”.

In order to facilitate the incorporation of this service when booking the itinerary, the BizzyFlex option is activated directly from the BizAway platform, in which it is perfectly integrated, at the time of booking up to 12 hours before check-in/out and can be used up to 3 hours in advance. Thus ensuring the option of having a fully flexible trip up to three hours before the trip, since as Luca Carlucci indicates, this new service «allows you to book and manage business trips, saving time and money.”

In line with one of the company’s main objectives for 2023, to introduce new implementations on its platform to optimize customer journeys and the company’s services in general, BizzyFlex was born from active and daily listening to customer requests. BizAway customers, up 38% from pre-pandemic levels, are demanding increasingly flexible rates.

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This request is not by chance, since flexibility is one of the new requirements for travel and, along with the demand for health insurance (+20%), this is the most important characteristic for those who are going to book a business trip. However, flexible rates are nowadays an increasingly complex and expensive opportunity for the end customer, which often causes quite a few last-minute inconveniences. «Listening to the needs of our clients and identifying a lack in the sector from this point of view, we have created this new function, which we describe as very innovative, practical and comfortable, with a commission of only 10% of the reservation, easily can be activated from the platform from the moment the search for options for business trips begins”, concludes Luca Carlucci.

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