Bring out your extraterrestrial side with the offer of this IPS Alienware monitor

Talking about Alienware is a bit absurd in the sense that the brand already sells itself because of its reputation within the gaming sector, so this together with its aggressive and futuristic designs make the Dell subsidiary a premium company in the market. And they get it for models like this, very balanced, aesthetically different and of course based on very high performance.

Alienware AW3418HW, what does this monitor not offer you?

Well that is the real question, since we are talking about a monitor of nothing less than 34 inches that could well be a panoramic television in the past and that has a panel of 8 bits without FRC with matrix IPS capable of representing 16,777,216 colors.

One of the characteristics that will attract our attention the most is its resolution, since it shows 2560 x 1080 pixels on its panel with a screen area of ​​no less than 89.34% and a pixel density of 81 PPI or 32 PPCM. Of course we are talking about a panel with W-LED backlighting that covers 99% of the sRGB and that offers a viewing angle of 178º vertically and horizontally.

As for its response times and ability to display hertz on each panel update, we talk about nothing less than 4 ms in G2G and 160 Hertz, which will guarantee us to have an advantage over all those players that are installed in 60 Hz or similar, as long as we can reach that FPS rate, which is not easy since it requires a good PC.

Great connectivity and added technologies

AW3418HW - 2

We will start this section by talking about the additional features, since as a good gaming monitor it gets the best for gamers. Starting with Flicker-Free, continuing with Low Blue Light and ending with a module G-SYNC to link it to an NVIDIA GPU.

The first logically avoids the annoying flickering of the image when we are playing, causing fatigue and visual fatigue at the same time that it manages to hinder the game, which we will not suffer now. The second avoids the blue light of the monitor, delving further into the need to stop while we play because our eyes no longer give for more.

About G-SYNC we are not going to say anything that we have not tried a thousand times, simply that it has the module installed, this being V1. Regarding connectivity, we will have four USB 3.0 download, 1 USB 3.0 upload, a HDMI 1.4, a DisplayPort 1.2 and two 3.5 mm mini Jack for audio output. To finish, this Alienware AW3418HW has 100 × 100 VESA mount for an arm or wall mount.

What is it currently priced at? Well we can get it 590.17 euros, a fall of 7% from the 632.18 euros in which it was yesterday, thus marking a historical minimum price. Run, there are few units left!

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